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Cat. No Pk. size Dosing syringe 300 ml nylon 113863 1 Dosing syringe 400 ml nylon 113865 30 EQUIVET Muzzles Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Muzzle small 210303 1 EQUIVET Muzzle medium 210304 1 EQUIVET Muzzle large 210305 1 EQUIVET Neck Collar Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Neck Collar 210302 1 KRUUSE Measuring Tape Cat. No Pk. size 240601 1 For dosing large quantities of water for cleaning the horse’s mouth before oral examination. Prevents the horse from eating. Miscellaneous Equipment Dosing Syringes | 19 - 109 KRUUSE Equine Equipment A superior tape measure, specially modified for the measurement of livestock. This tape is of direct reading style, through a viewing port at the side. Measures up to 118” or 300 cm. The body of the unit incorporates both a spirit level and a fully retractable telescopic rod to assist with levelling accuracy. KRUUSE de luxe measuring tape for horses, pigs, cows and sheep www.kruuse.com This anti-bite cradle prevents the horse from eating and biting into bandages, dressings, rugs, etc