DIAG IM3 - Page 108

KRUUSE Equine Equipment Miscellaneous Equipment | 19 - 108 KRUUSE Head Light Cat. No Pk. size KRUUSE 3W LED Head Light 290000 1 MAGLITE Pencil Cat. No Pk. size Pencil light Maglite 290010 1 Bulbs f/Maglite pencil light 2 pcs 290012 1 MAGLITE AA Cat. No Pk. size Maglite AA in box incl. batteries 290002 1 Bulb for Maglite AA 2 units 290004 1 Lightweight, powerfull, bright and compact Head Light. Fully adjustable for accurate user selection. Adjustable spot. The Head Light is mounted on a flexible headband. Rechargeable battery box with On/Off switch. Techinical specification: Led bulb power: 3W Light Intensity: 6000 lux Colour temperature: 5000 k Adjustable si RbƖvB7@&V6&vV&R&GFW'6vfrRW'2bƖv@r&GFW'F6F VBƖfRFSW'0vVvBVF&BvFƖvB#Rp7WƖVB&vVƖvBvF6Ɨ&V6VFVBf"W6R6V7FvFF76&R7V7VVBf"FW"Fv7F2W'6W27WƖV@vF&GFW&W2B6WB6Ɨwwr'WW6R6РGvVƖvBf"f&W2W'6W2ࠠ