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Ophthalmology | 18 - 104 KRUUSE Equine Equipment Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Cat. No Pk. size Gowllands Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope complete set 270130 1 TonoVet Cat. No Pk. size TonoVet Tonometer 292000 1 Probe for TonoVet Tonometer, 100/pk 292001 1 EQUIVET Eye Speculum Cat. No Pk. size 230707 1 Complete with all necessary accessories in a case. Specifications: • Mayfield halogen ophthalmoscope • Veterinary halogen otoscope • Set of three long aural specula • Set of four short aural specula • Duplay dilating speculum • Throat lamp halogen • Laryngeal mirror • Medium battery handle supplied without batteries, 2 batteries required ( 241500 unit) • Spare halogen bulb Every vet needs a Tonovet! Measuring of intraocular pressure should be performed on every patient with eye problems. Tonovet does this easy and rapid: • It is painless and therefore creates no anxiety • No local anaesthetic is needed • Features calibration tables for horse and for small animals • Measuring of eye pressure is extremely accurate An Innovative Method The TonoVet-Tonometer is based on a measuring principle called rebound tonometry: A very light soft probe is used to make momentary contact with the cornea. The probe is electromagnetically propelled to contact and rebound from the corneal surface. The characteristics of this rebound are used to estimate the intraocular pressure. TonoVet Tonometer www.kruuse.com TonoVet Tonometer is delivered in a stylish shock absorbing steel case with: • 100 disposable probes (prevents microbiological and viral contamination) • Probe base • Batteries AA • Instruction manual This Eye Speculum is a stepless opening device for the eyelid. EQUIVET Eye Speculum, 8.7 cm