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15Internal 3 Dental Equipment Fixation & Instrumentation AO Type Screws & Plates www.vetinst.com 1.0mm Plating Set 1.0mm Screws and Plates Management of fractures in dogs such as the Papillon and Chihuahua weighing less than a kilo is very challenging. Even 1.5 and 2.0mm screws are too large. Metacarpals in even some medium size patients require very small implants. To deal with fractures in tiny bones we are introducing our exclusive range of 1.0mm implants and equipment. The range includes T-plates, compression plates and 5 different cuttable strips. Due to the small size, dedicated instrumentation is required. Although relatively new, the new 1.0mm Implant System is proving its worth. As well as being useful for distal radial fractures in miniature and sub-miniature breeds, it has also found favour for repairing some of the smaller bones in larger patients. The largest of these has been a greyhound patient of Alessandro Piras’s. Alessandro managed to repair a fragmented type I fracture of accessory carpal bone using two screws. The fragment was too small for any other type of implant. The 1.0mm Plating Set includes all the 1.0mm Instrumentation and a full set of 1.0mm Implants. Everything is laid out in an easily accessible format in a Premium Filtered Case. The Plates are housed in a removable tray for easy access and inventory control. 1.0mm Kit Contents: Cruciate Screwdriver Insert x 1 Lightweight Screwdriver x 1 0.7mm Drill Bits x 2 1.0mm Drill Bit x 1 Plate Holding Forceps x 1 Screw Holding Forceps x 1 Plate Bending Irons x 1 pair Drill Guide x 1 Miniature Pointed Reduction Forceps x1 3mm Grasp Serrated Bone Holding Forceps x 1 5mm Grasp Serrated Bone Holding Forceps x 1 Small Compound Action Implant Cutters x 1 1mm Plate used to repair lateral malleolar fracture in a cat. Case: David Strong. 1 each of ‘T’ Plate T101016-T101027 Repair of a type 1 accessory carpal bone fracture in a greyhound. Case: Alessandro Piras 1 each of DCP Plate C100210-C101042 1 each of Cuttable Plate CP10390-CP1049120 8 each of CSST Screws 4mm - 7mm 6 each of CSST Screws 8mm & 9mm 4 each of CSST Screws 10mm & 11mm 2 each of CSST Screws 12mm - 15mm 1.0MM PLATING SET IN PREMIUM BOX CORTSTP10 1.0mm Plating Set In Premium Box A mandibular fracture in a cat has been repaired with four holes of one of our Cuttable Malleable Plates by Graham Oliver. Fracture repair of a Chihuahua using the 1.0mm Plating Set by Graham Oliver. Case: Mark Bush of Dick White Referrals. Graham has also managed to repair a fractured calcaneous in a 1kg dog using a four-hole 1.0mm DCP. 80 £3,038.50