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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com 1.0mm Plates 1.0mm Cuttable Plates with Spaces 1.0mm Plates All the 1.0mm Plates are manufactured from 316LVM stainless steel sheet of 1.0mm thickness. Implants currently available consist of a range of straight plates, cuttable plates and an extensive range of ‘T’ plates for radial fractures. 1.0mm Cuttable Plate with Spaces to give the surgeon additional options. Versions are available with either 3mm or 4mm hole spacing. 1.0mm Compression Plates CUTTABLE 1.0MM PLATE WITH SPACES CP1039027 Cuttable Plate 1.0mm 27 Holes 90 mm 3mm Spaces CP1049120 Cuttable Plate 1.0mm 20 Holes 91 mm 4mm Spaces 001230 Compound Action Implant Cutter T.C. Jaws £100.00 £100.00 £221.45 1.0mm ‘T’ Plates 1.0 MM COMPRESSION PLATES C100210 C100314 C100418 C100522 C100626 C100730 C100834 C100938 C101042 No. of Holes 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Thickness (mm) Length (mm) 1.0 10 £28.33 1.0 14 £30.90 1.0 18 £36.05 1.0 22 £43.78 1.0 26 £48.93 1.0 30 £61.80 1.0 34 £77.25 1.0 38 £87.55 1.0 42 £97.85 The 1.0mm ‘T’ Plates have been designed by Veterinary Instrumentation to provide options for the repair of distal radial fractures in very small dogs and in cats. These fractures can be difficult to manage, partly because of the small sizes of the bones involved and partly because the area has relatively poor vascularity resulting in what is often a prolonged healing time. The spacing between the head holes and the shank holes increases from the A-series to the B-series with two extended options in the C-series to permit fracture repair at different levels of the distal radius. The C-series plates have space for a third head screw. This provides greater repair stability and the C-series are strongly advised when the distal fragment is large enough. 1.0mm Cuttable Plates Plate profiles on page 369 1.0 MM ‘T’ PLATES T101016 T101020 T101024 T101018 T101022 T101026 T101021 T101027 The Veterinary Instrumentation range of Cuttable 1.0mm Plates gives flexibility for new management options for a number of different fracture scenarios. All of our Cuttable Plates have round holes.The range is suited to fractures of the small bones of the pes and manus, such as the metacarpal bones, as well as other fine bones such as the ulna and fibula. They should also find a home in the management of long bone fractures on very small animals as well as jaw and pelvic repairs where space is at a premium. Use the dedicated Compound Action Implant Cutters (001230) to cut plates. Plate profiles on page 369. CUTTABLE 1.0MM PLATE CP10390 CP10491 CM10390 Cuttable Plate 1.0mm 30 Holes 90mm Long Cuttable Plate 1.0mm 23 Holes 91mm Long Cuttable Malleable Plate 1.0mm 30 Holes 90mm Long £95.00 £95.00 £115.00 69 Series A A A B B B C C No of Holes Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Price 5 1.0 16 £36.05 6 1.0 2 0 £36.05 7 5 6 7 6 7 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 24 18 22 26 21 27 £36.05 £36.05 £36.05 £36.05 £36.05 £36.05