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15Internal 3 Dental Equipment Fixation & Instrumentation Introduction to Implant Design 5.5mm Screws 5.5mm Cortical Screws Hex Head Our in house Product Development Team is headed by our Technical Director, David Strong BVM&S, MRCVS and is responsible for the design, development and specification of all of our new products. David’s own clinical orthopaedic experience feeds into many of the designs and forms a common point of reference for the development of ideas from other surgeons. David is responsible for drawing and specifying all custom solutions and working from scaled radiographs can normally create 3D electronic models and issue scaled templates to surgeons within a matter of hours enabling the confirmation of design intent. This Cortical Screw is suitable for equines. Nearly twice as strong as 4.5mm Cortical Screws. Use with 4.5mm plates. Drill data: Pilot Drill 4.0mm, Clearance Drill 5.5mm. 5.5MM CORTICAL SCREWS - HEX HEAD 3.5MM (USE 4.0MM PILOT) CS5524 CS5526 CS5528 CS5530 CS5532 CS5534 CS5536 CS5538 CS5540 CS5542 CS5544 CS5546 CS5548 CS5550 CS5552 CS5554 CS5556 CS5560 CS5564 CS5570 CS5580 CS5590 CS55100 24mm 26mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 36mm 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm 46mm 48mm 50mm 52mm 54mm 56mm 60mm 64mm 70mm 80mm 90mm 100mm New products are subjected to finite element analysis under due diligence so that every effort can be taken to eliminate potential stress risers and other potential areas of weakness. Once a product has been coded and a full manufacturing specification created, the drawings are passed to the production team to confirm the item can be manufactured, confirm pricing and arrange a production schedule. £13.39 £14.42 £15.45 £16.48 £17.51 £18.54 £19.57 £20.60 £21.63 £22.66 £23.69 £24.72 £25.75 £26.78 £27.81 £28.84 £29.87 £30.90 £31.93 £32.96 £33.99 £35.02 £36.05 6.5mm Screws 6.5mm Cancellous Screws This very large Screw has an application in the closing wedge TPLO procedure in very large dogs. Bone stock is poor in the proximal tibia. The 6.5mm self tapping, fully threaded cancellous screw gives maximum pull out resistance. Pilot Drill 3.2mm, Screwdriver SDH3500 and Tap TBT065 or TS00065. Only use the tap for the fibular head screw. Drill data: Pilot Drill 3.2mm, Clearance Drill 6.5mm. 6.5MM CANCELLOUS SCREWS - FULL THREADED - HEX HEAD 3.5MM (USE 3.2MM PILOT) CNF6525 CNF6530 CNF6535 CNF6540 CNF6545 CNF6550 CNF6555 CNF6560 CNF6565 CNF6570 CNF6575 25mm 30mm 35mm 40mm 45mm 50mm 55mm 60mm 65mm 70mm 75mm www.vetinst.com £9.79 £10.30 £11.33 £12.36 £13.39 £14.42 £15.45 £16.48 £17.51 £18.54 £19.57 66