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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Lesser Wire Passer/ Retrieval Forceps Orthopaedic Wire Kit Really useful forceps which combine the function of a tissue protector drill guide with a method of capturing the wire on the blind side of the procedure. The open sided guide tube is toothed to minimise drill skate. Commonest applications include hemi-cerclage and passage of lateral sutures through the tibial crest. Original design by Arnie Lesser Cerclage wire can be a very useful means of fragment fixation. Kit containing our most popular cerclage instruments and a roll of wire, discounted over component price. A video illustrating how the Lesser Wire Passer/ Retriever works is available on the website www.vetinst.com/videos LESSER WIRE PASSER/ RETRIEVAL FORCEPS 001268 001269 Kit contains 1x Wire Twister, 1x Set of 3 Single Ended Wire Passers and 10m roll of 1.0mm Orthopaedic Wire. Lesser Wire Passer/ Retrieval Forceps 150mm Long £108.15 Lesser Wire Passer/ Retrieval Forceps Large 190mm Long £108.15 ORTHOPAEDIC WIRE KIT OWKIT Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter Orthopaedic Wire Kit £180.25 Wire Tightener for Eyed Wires Used to tension eyed wires very tightly. The cerclage is finished by kinking the wire back against the eye. See page 56 for Wire Loops. WIRE TIGHTENER FOR EYED WIRES 001262 Wire Loop Tightener 125mm Long £115.88 Wire Tightener with Two Cranks for Double Loop Cerclage and Eyed Wire • Jaws lock onto wire to enable easy twisting under tension for kink-free cerclage. The wire must be twisted under tension to create an even spiral. • Improved design, long life shear action cutter will cut 18 gauge (1.2mm) wire twisted double. • Serrated jaws grip and turn cut ends. Jaws have fenestration for extra grip. • Not designed to cut ‘A’ + ‘K’ Wires, Pins or fish hooks. • Available with Tungsten Carbide Jaws for extra grip. Use with single crank for eyelet wires. Use both cranks to tighten double loops. WIRE TWISTER/ SHEAR CUTTER 001260 001261 Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter 165mm Long Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter - Tungsten Carbide Jaws 165mm Long (not fenestrated) For a video showing how this product works visit www.vetinst.com/videos £84.98 WIRE TIGHTENER WITH TWO CRANKS £100.43 001264 57 Wire Tightener with Two Cranks 285mm Long £149.35