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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Threaded Pins and Wires Arthrodesis Wire Box Threaded Wires have a much greater pull out resistance than smooth wires. They are very easy to insert using Standard Drills fitted with Jacobs Chucks or Wire Drivers. Although having only trochar tips they will self tap in all but the hardest of cortical bone. Driven across fragments, threaded wires act as mini position screws which can be cut off flush to the bone surface or buried. It may be possible to place several Threaded Wires at angles to each other in a relatively small area. This Box will store all diameters of Arthrodesis and ‘K’ Wires in four compartments. In addition there is a space for a ‘K’ Wire Bender and a ‘K’ Wire Punch. Available in Coarse or Fine Thread pitches. Use the coarse in cancellous or metaphyseal bone. Coarse Threaded Small Fragment Pins ARTHRODESIS & ‘K’ WIRE ORGANISER AUTOCLAVABLE 001124 0900200 The simplest solution for storing ‘A’/ ‘K’ wires is to have a tube dedicated for each size marked clearly with the diameter. There is no possibility for confusion. Each tube is 165mm long and 12mm diameter and will take any wire less than 150mm in length. Coding is 090039 with a suffix of the size required. A tube for 1.6mm Wires is therefore 0900391.6. COARSE THREADED SMALL FRAGMENT PINS - 2.0MM DIAMETER Threaded Pins 5mm Thread Single Threaded Pins 10mm Thread Single Threaded Pins 15mm Thread Single Threaded Pins 20mm Thread Single £9.22 £9.22 £9.22 £9.22 Fine Threaded Small Fragment Pins 2.0mm Use singly to re-attach small bone fragments. Use in multiples to re-attach larger fragments e.g. humeral condyles. (4 x 2.0 Threaded Pins have similar properties to one 3.5 Screw while Fine Threaded Pin plus interfering less with the healing Threaded Washer process). Use Threaded Washer to create screw effect.Very easy to insert using an orthopaedic drill. K WIRE / A WIRE HOLDERS FOR 5”/125MM WIRES 0900390.8 0900390.9 0900391.0 0900391.1 0900391.2 0900391.4 0900391.5 0900391.6 0900391.8 0900392.0 090039SET Thread pitch is 0.4mm for use in cortical bone. Self drilling. Cut off excess pin. For maximum pull out resistance drill through trans cortex and cut off trochar cutting tip. FINE THREADED FRAGMENT PINS 2.0MM 090300 090305 090310 090315 090320 090325 090330 090340 0903111 Fine Threaded Washer 5.0mm Diameter Single Fine Threaded Pin 5mm Thread Length Single Fine Threaded Pin 10mm Thread Length Single Fine Threaded Pin 15mm Thread Length Single Fine Threaded Pin 20mm Thread Length Single Fine Threaded Pin 25mm Thread Length Single Fine Threaded Pin 30mm Thread Length Single Fine Threaded Pin 40mm Thread Length Single Fine Threaded Pin Set Comprising 5 of each Pin plus 5 Washers in Stainless Case £6.44 £7.73 £8.24 £8.50 £8.76 £9.02 £9.53 £10.03 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £283.25 £303.85 The Tube is sub divided into four sections each of which has a window through which the Wires may be viewed. The knurled dispensing tip is rotated until the hole is over the desired wire size and the Wire shaken out. Total length 175mm. For Wires 125mm. FULLY THREADED WIRES Fully Threaded Wire Single 0.8 Fully Threaded Wire Single 1.0 Fully Threaded Wire Single 1.5 Fully Threaded Wire Single 2.0 0.8mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 0.9mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 1.0mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 1.1mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 1.25mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 1.4mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 1.5mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 1.6mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 1.8mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder 2.0mm Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder Arthrodesis Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holder Set (10) ‘A’ Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Dispenser Fully Threaded Arthrodesis Wires 090091 090092 090093 090094 £113.00 £13.34 ‘A’ Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Holders for 5” / 125mm Wires Use Threaded Pins where you might use a 2mm fixation screw or ‘K’ Wire, e.g. tibial crest transplant. Drive in with slow speed drill. Relatively coarse threads. 0.8mm thread pitch. 090036 090037 090027 090028 Stainless Box for Arthrodesis & ‘K’ Wires Arthrodesis & ‘K’ Wire Organiser Plastic (Autoclavable) £11.59 £11.59 £11.59 £11.59 Marked with the standard sizes of 0.9, 1.1, 1.6 and 2.0mm. ‘A’ WIRE/ ‘K’ WIRE DISPENSER 090039E 53 A’ Wire/ ‘K’ Wire Dispenser 0.9, 1.1, 1.6 & 2.0mm £90.13