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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment General & Instrumentation Orthopaedics15 2 Orthopaedic Distractors Bone Scribe VI Pattern Orthopaedic Distractor Application: • Overcoming muscle contraction prior to fracture reduction. A very sharp marking point with an easy to hold handle enables the surgeon to mark bone prior to cutting or rotating (Slocum procedure). One end is pointed and the other is sharpened as a blade. • Accurate alignment of bone fragments prior to plating. Features: • Locking wing nuts fix the distractor as a scaffold for the bone fragments to facilitate plating. BONE SCRIBE 001494 • Three joints maximise flexibility. Bone Scribe (Double Ended) 200mm Long £25.75 • Use with external fixation pins 3.2mm to 4.0mm. VI PATTERN ORTHOPAEDIC DISTRACTOR 001500 VI Pattern Orthopaedic Distractor 330mm Long VI Metric Ruler £425.00 AO Pattern (Human) Orthopaedic Distractor Metric ruler covering commoner drill, screw and wire sizes. VI METRIC RULER 001504 Metric Ruler - VI £40.69 • Two joints • H  eavier • More powerful with tommy bar lever AO PATTERN (HUMAN) ORTHOPAEDIC DISTRACTOR 001502 Orthopaedic Distractor AO Pattern 410mm Long £355.00 Orthopaedic Ruler Small Distractor with Ratchet Used to measure pins, wires, drills and screw diameter. ORTHOPAEDIC RULER 001498 Orthopaedic Ruler Imperial 175mm Long £30.39 Drill & Screw Gauge The Small Ratcheted Distractor uses 1.5 or 1.6 ‘K’ or ‘A’ wires as distraction pins. The pins are driven into place through the tubes on the distractor arm. Threaded pins may be used for additional security. Squeezing the arms of the distractor separates the pins and thus the bone fragments and the ratchet holds them in the new position. Range of distraction 12mm - 60mm. Measures screws up to 60mm and drills from 1.1mm to 3.5 mm. SMALL DISTRACTOR WITH RATCHET DRILL AND SCREW GAUGE 001503 Small Distractor with Ratchet 185mm Long 001496 £175.00 47 Drill and Screw Gauge 60mm Long £23.18