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15General 2 Dental Equipment Orthopaedics & Instrumentation Travers www.vetinst.com Weislander Similar to Wests but flat. Available with sharp or blunt prongs. A blunt multi-pronged flat retractor with a relatively wide gape, suitable for skin or large exposures. WEISLANDER SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR £231.75 702150 702152 £216.30 £123.60 Aln Skin Retractor TRAVERS SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR 703050 703051 703053 Travers Self Retaining Retractor 90mm Spread 8” 20cm Long Travers Self Retaining Retractor 70mm Spread 6.5” 16.5cm Long Travers Mini 43mm Spread 95mm Long Weislander Self Retaining Retractor Sharp Tips 60mm Spread 14cm Long Weislander Self Retaining Retractor Blunt Tips 60mm Spread 14cm Long £185.40 £185.40 Wests ALN SKIN RETRACTOR 252370 Aln Skin Retractor 75mm Long £43.78 Gosset Retractor A sharp multi pronged curved retractor which can sit quite nicely on our patients without distorting the surgical site. WESTS SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR 703250 703253 Wests Self Retaining Retractor 50mm Spread 5.5” 14cm Long Wests Mini 40mm Spread 95mm Long £175.10 £123.60 Good as a Rib Retractor, Laparotomy Retractor and for retraction of ventral cervical structures during cervical fenestration. GOSSET RETRACTOR 701550 710600 44 Gosset Retractor Large 130mm Spread Gosset Retractor Small 100mm Spread £231.75 £231.75