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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment General & Instrumentation Orthopaedics15 2 TECA Retractor - Pieter Nelissen Bungee Gelpi Self Retaining Retractors Based on the Vi standard Gelpi, with added anchor points for elastic stays allowing 4 point retraction from a single two point instrument. Anchor points may be double loaded for 6 point retraction. Accepts Lone Star or Vi Elastic Stays. Advantages: • Better retraction with fewer retractors cluttering a wound Image courtesy of Pieter Nelissen, Dick White Referrals • Greater stability of Gelpi’s within a wound with four or six point retraction preventing the tips from sliding towards each other. Easier for surgeries which are often performed in a more vertical position, such as perineal hernia repair. Achieving adequate exposure is essential to the proper performance of lateral bulla osteotomy and debridement. Maintaining a dissection as close to the aural cartilages as possible helps avoid iatrogenic damage to the surrounding structures. In most cases, especially in broad headed breeds such as Shar Peis and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, this will mean working down a narrow and surprisingly deep corridor. • More useful shape to retracted hole – more rectangular than round, square or diamond, but is very adaptable to suit the situation. • Multi-layer retraction such as creating deep retraction with tips and improved skin retraction with the elastic stays. BUNGEE GELPI SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR Following the suggestion from Pieter Nelissen of Dick White Referrals, we have developed a purpose made TECA Retractor based on our small gelpis. The 40mm long legs are at 80˚ to the handles to reach deep into the hole created. The cross-over tips are only 3mm across when closed enabling insertion with no edges protruding to snag tissues. 001330BUNGEE Gelpi Bungee Retractor Sterile Ring Retractor Hooks Set of 10 701HOOK TECA RETRACTOR 001338 TECA Retractor 105mm Long 40mm Cross-over Legs £180.25 43 £185.00 £29.50