DIAG IM3 - Page 54

15General 2 Dental Equipment Orthopaedics & Instrumentation Rongeurs www.vetinst.com Lempert Straight Rongeurs vary with respect to bite size and jaw angle. Where a rongeur has a specific function it is indicated in the description. Punch type forceps and some smaller rongeurs are described in Chapter 6 Spinal Surgery, along with Duck Billed Rongeurs. Simple Action Rongeurs Typically simple action rongeurs offer a wide bite but rely on the physical strength of the surgeon. Most small rongeurs have a simple action. VI Small Curved Rongeurs Useful for spines and bulla osteotomy. LEMPERT STRAIGHT 6730/10 Lempert Rongeurs Straight 3mm Bite 190mm Long £102.49 Compound Action Rongeurs The compound action give a mechanical advantage to the surgeon but reduces the bite width. Jansen A good general purpose rongeur for small bone nibbling procedures, e.g. excision arthroplasty, arthrodesis, sequestrum removal. SMALL CURVED RONGEURS 001300 Small Curved Rongeur 4mm Bite 170mm Long £73.65 Compound action, powerful but small bite. Mini-Friedman JANSEN 142200 Jansen Rongeur Curved 4mm Bite 190mm Long £226.60 Ruskin Useful in bulla osteotomy. MINI-FRIEDMAN 142501 Mini-Friedman Rongeur Curved 3mm Bite 155mm Long A heavy duty compound action rongeur. £79.83 RUSKIN 142270 Micro-Friedman Ruskin (Liston) Rongeur Curved 6mm Bite 230mm Long £200.85 Stille-Luer A small spine rongeur. A very large rongeur. MICRO-FRIEDMAN STILLE-LUER 142502 142305 Micro-Friedman Rongeur Curved 2.2mm Bite 155mm Long £79.83 38 Stille-Luer Heavy Compound Action Curved 8mm Bite 225mm £262.65