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15General 2 Dental Equipment Orthopaedics & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com VI Orthopaedic Starter Kits and Practice Set Up Service As all practices are different, we have incorporated flexibility into our start-up options, allowing surgeons to customise their purchases to their personal preferences and case-load. These kits offer big discounts over purchase of the individual components. We assist many practices in setting up for orthopaedics every year. Please contact our dedicated and experienced Vet-Tech team to see how we can help you further.You will be allocated a named contact to personally guide, assist and support you. VI Orthopaedic Starter Kit Standard Offered at a 20+% discount on the components price, this is a basic kit providing all of the necessary orthopaedic equipment, including power-drill to allow the surgeon to perform: • c rCL repair using the nylon lateral suture system • Meniscal surgery in patients c. 15-50kg •  asic patella luxation surgery (wedge b sulcoplasty and tibial tuberosity transposition) • FHNEA on smaller patients •  asic fracture repairs using pins and b wires Kit contents Variable Speed Orthopaedic Drill complete with Drill, Chuck, Shroud, Extension and 2 x Batteries Implant Cutter Surgical Finish to 4mm Capacity TC Jaws Compound Action 370mm Long Standard Jacobs Chuck with Handle ¼” Capacity Implant Cutter Stainless Steel to 2.2mm Capacity Simple Action 215mm Long Lateral Suture Starter Kit containing Crimping Forceps, 2 x each size Nylon/ Needle/ Crimp Sterile Packs (50lb, 80lb & 100lb) and Heavy Duty Needle Drivers ‘K’ Wire Bender 140mm Long 2.7mm Drill Bit Wire Passer Double-ended 145mm 3.5mm Drill Bit Bone Pin Roll Meniscus Surgery Set - See page 61 for details Adjustable Bone Saw with 5 x Fine Blades 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 3.6mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm and 6.35mm Steinman Pin – Trochar Tip ( One of each, 9 in total) Orthopaedic Hard Back Saw 0.4mm cut Stainless Steel K/A Wire Storage Tube & Dispenser 1.1/1.4/1.6/2.0mm Small Disarticulator 145mm Long Small Angled Cutter 15mm Blade 170mm Long 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm & 2.0mm Arthrodesis Wire – Pack of 10 (40 in total) Small Curved Ronguer 4mm Bite 170mm Long Orthopaedic Wire 1.0mm x 10m Roll Excision Arthroplasty Rasp 170mm Long Orthopaedic Wire 0.8mm x 10m Roll Mallet 300g 220mm Long X-ray Marker with Scale – Left & Right Osteotome Swedish 15mm x 205mm Component Price £2,500+ Offer Price £2,125.00 Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter 165mm Long Volkman Curette Double-ended Small 4mm/ 6mm 205mm Long Mini Hohman Retractor 8mm Short Tip 165mm Long ORTHOPAEDIC STARTER KIT STANDARD Periosteal Elevator AO Type Curved Tip ORTHOKIT1 VI Orthopaedic Starter Kit Standard £2,054.85 TRAINING At Veterinary Instrumentation we understand the importance of training for both traditional techniques and new ones. We are particularly enthusiastic about hands-on sessions which at least attempt to give delegates a feel for how things will be clinically. Cadaver work is particularly important and unfortunately increasingly hard to come by. Hamish Denny takes a delegate through the examination of the meniscus Please keep checking www.vetinst.com for up and coming training courses.You will find there details of courses run by ourselves but also links to other training partners who run courses using our loan wet lab instrumentation. In addition you will find other training resources such as ‘step by step’ guides and videos designed for home study. 34