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15General 2 Dental Equipment Orthopaedics & Instrumentation Cerclage Wire Twisters & Tighteners www.vetinst.com Twisterz - Wire Twister Cerclage wire used to as part of a fracture repair can be useful, but is challenging and not without issues. Loose or broken wires interfere with fracture healing and can contribute to delayed and non-unions. Loops give a more secure construct with no large knot. Basics of cerclage: • only apply to a fracture that is fully reconstructable i.e. no comminution • only apply to oblique or spiral fractures; the length of the fracture should be at least twice the diameter of the bone • place a minimum of two cerclage wires, and more if fracture length allows • cerclage wires should be spaced about 1cm apart. Features ‘J’ slots for quick capture and release. Textured handle for better grip and control. Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter Bell shaped nut provides better leverage for tightening. Reduced threads require less turning of the nut for locking at wire and handle. TWISTERZ - WIRE TWISTER 200010.00 Twisterz Wire Twisters 155mm £151.93 Wire Twister/ Spinner A surgical version of a wire twisting plier used by aero mechanics and scaffolders. The spinner is based on the principle of a slow spiral being pulled t hrough a threaded boss to create a rotational moment. The jaws are clamped onto the two strands of wire. Pulling the spinner places tension and twists the wire evenly. • Jaws lock onto wire to enable easy twisting under tension for kink-free cerclage. The wire must be twisted under tension to create an even spiral. WIRE TWISTER/ SPINNER 001265 • Improved design, long life shear action cutter will cut 18 gauge (1.2mm) wire twisted double. • Serrated jaws grip and turn cut ends. Jaws have fenestration for extra grip. • Not designed to cut ‘A’ + ‘K’ Wires, Pins or fish hooks. • Available with Tungsten Carbide Jaws for extra grip. WIRE TWISTER/ SHEAR CUTTER 001260 001261 Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter 165mm Long Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter - Tungsten Carbide Jaws 165mm Long (not fenestrated) £84.89 £100.43 32 Wire Twister/ Spinner 250mm Long £245.00