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Dental Equipment General & Instrumentation Orthopaedics15 2 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Lesser Wire Passer/ Retrieval Forceps Wire Passers Really useful forceps which combine the function of a tissue protector drill guide with a method of capturing the wire on the blind side of the procedure. The open sided guide tube is toothed to minimise drill skate. Wire passers are designed to direct cerclage wire around long bones with minimal trauma, helping reduce devascularisation of fragments. Soft tissue attachments should be preserved as far as possible. Commonest applications include hemi-cerclage and passage of lateral sutures through the tibial crest. WIRE PASSERS 001250 001252 001253 001254 001256 001257 Wire Passer Double-ended 145mm Wire Passer Single-ended 20mm Diameter 205mm Wire Passer Single-ended 30mm Diameter 220mm Wire Passer Single-ended 40mm Diameter 250mm Wire Passers Single-ended Set of 3 (as above) XXL Wire Passer Single-ended 55mm Diameter Original design by Arnie Lesser £50.99 £33.48 £33.48 £33.48 £82.40 £37.60 A video illustrating how the Lesser Wire Passer/ Retriever works is available on the website www.vetinst.com/videos LESSER WIRE PASSER/ RETRIEVAL FORCEPS 001268 001269 Lesser Wire Passer/ Retrieval Forceps 150mm Long £108.15 Lesser Wire Passer/ Retrieval Forceps Large 190mm Long £108.15 Strong Cerclage Wire Passers ‘Sismey’ Wire Introducer Low profile open channel wire passers, designed to allow easier passage around and between bones. Can be left in situ as wire is tightened, reducing risk of slippage. Wire can be passed from tip or handle. With a flat internal tip to assist close passage around the bone. Designed by David Strong MRCVS. Sizes: Small 12.5mm/15mm, Medium 20mm/25mm, Large 30mm/40mm. STRONG CERCLAGE WIRE PASSERS CWPSM CWPMD CWPLG CWPSET Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Small Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Medium Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Large Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Set of 3 £64.50 £64.50 £64.50 £139.05 A useful kit including wire passing and suture passing needles. The needles may be positioned in a wide variety of different angles. ‘SISMEY’ WIRE INTRODUCER 001255 V1497C V1497D V1497B 31 ‘Sismey’ Wire Introducing Set 135mm Long Spare Needles - Large Spare Needles - Small Spare Hollow Tubes (3) £79.83 £10.82 £10.82 £25.24