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15General 2 Dental Equipment Orthopaedics & Instrumentation Small Pin Vice ‘K’ Wire/ ‘A’ Wire Extraction Forceps Designed to firmly grip wires 0.9mm to 2.0mm. Tungsten Carbide jaws maximise grip, fine nose minimises trauma to surrounding tissue. This Small Pin Chuck holds wires and instruments up to a diameter of 1.0mm. Particularly useful for fingertip control over insertion of Arthrodesis and ‘K’ Wires. ‘K’ WIRE/‘A’ WIRE EXTRACTION FORCEPS 001244 ‘K’ Wire/ ‘A’ Wire Remover - 140mm Long www.vetinst.com £81.89 SMALL PIN VICE 001223 Small Pin Vice 100mm Long £155.00 Jacobs Chuck Dental Forceps for Pin and Wire Extraction For pin, wire & screw extraction. Grooved tips come to a point, allowing work in confined spaces and close to bone with a reduced surgical approach. Anatomical handles and cranked jaws for ease of use. DENTAL FORCEPS FOR PIN AND WIRE EXTRACTION 001248 Dental Forceps for Pin and Wire Extraction £69.53 Standard instrument for intramedullary pin insertion. Wire Contouring Pliers Pin capacity Standard Chuck up to ¼” (6mm) Small Chuck up to 5/32” (4mm) Standard chuck will grip small pins, but is heavier in use. Clean thoroughly and lubricate well, opening and closing jaws fully during cleaning procedure to maintain in good condition. JACOBS CHUCK 001220 001605S 001606S 001221 001605 001606 Use to contour both soft and hard wires. The jaw design has multiple anvil shapes and a pair of soft wire cutters. WIRE CONTOURING PLIERS 001245 Wire Contouring Pliers 150mm Long £77.50 30 Small Jacobs Chuck with Handle 5/32” Capacity 260mm Replacement 5/32” Chuck (& Key) only - no Handle Spare Key for 5/32” Chuck Standard Jacobs Chuck with Handle 1/4” Capacity Replacement 1/4” Chuck (& Key) only - no Handle Spare Key for 1/4” Chuck £235.00 £169.95 £29.50 £235.00 £169.95 £29.50