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Dental Equipment General & Instrumentation Orthopaedics15 2 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Implant Cutter Surgical Finish to 1.5mm Capacity Pin Grip For the removal of temporary fixation pins. Narrow jaws allow access via a small incision, with a groove in the jaw to locate the pin. Jaws can be locked in position once the pin is located, to aid removal. Small lightweight implant cutter. Max capacity 1.5mm. Also suitable for 1mm cuttable plate range. For light use only. PIN GRIP IMPLANT CUTTERS SURGICAL FINISH TO 1.5MM CAPACITY 001230 001241 001242 Implant Cutter Stainless to 1.5mm Capacity 170mm Long £221.45 Pin Grip (Stainless Steel) Modified Jaw 175mm Long Pin Grip (Industrial Finish) 165mm Long £82.50 £59.23 Safety Cutter Surgical Finish to 4mm Capacity Parallel Action Pliers Safety implant cutter which leaves a smoother cut end than a conventional cutter.Very useful for external fixation pins. Cut end is temporarily retained within the head rather than flying off. Useful for bending, holding and cutting small pins and wires. Used in conjunction with bone plate benders for contouring smaller plates. Will cut arthrodesis and ‘K’ wires to a maximum of 2.0mm with care. Maximum capacity 4mm. Cuts 5mm below the face of the cutter. The industrial version will stain and rust with autoclaving – lubricate well to reduce, and store dry. PARALLEL ACTION PLIERS 001290 001291 Telescopic handles reduce the overall length from 470mm to 360mm to fit most autoclaves. Head strips for cleaning. SAFETY IMPLANT CUTTERS SURGICAL FINISH TO 4.0MM CAPACITY 001229 Safety Cutter Stainless to 4.0mm Capacity 360mm Long £324.45 29 Parallel Action Pliers (Stainless Steel) 170mm Parallel Action Pliers (Industrial Finish) 165mm £79.83 £56.65