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15General 2 Dental Equipment Orthopaedics & Instrumentation Implant Cutters www.vetinst.com Implant Cutter Surgical Finish to 6mm Capacity Select implant cutters to suit the type and size of implant to be cut, and the position of the implant. Using hacksaws is best avoided as far as possible – due to the work hardening characteristic of stainless steel and titanium, the harder you work the harder it is to cut. Intramedullary pins and K /A wires are already hardened during production so are even tougher. Designs and finish of cutter: Surgical finish stainless steel with TC inserts – suitable for appropriate sizes of hard wires. Can be used for appropriate sizes of cuttable plate. Also for cutting fish hooks! Industrial finish – strong and cheaper than surgical finish, but not long lasting due to corrosion. Side cutting – standard pattern straight cutters Close cut – end cutting. For smaller pins only. Harder to cut long sections but allow cutting close to the bone. Highest capacity implant cutter stocked. Will not fit most autoclaves as they are 630mm long – suggested to use chemical sterilant on the ends and operate by an unscrubbed assistant. Safety cutters – leave a blunt end with no snags, but leave a longer stub. Best for ex fix pins IMPLANT CUTTERS SURGICAL FINISH Compound action – more expensive but make cutting pins easier 001231VL Prolong the life of your pin cutter by not cutting at the tip – as tungsten carbide is brittle, it is prone to break when cutting at the very tip, where it is less well supported by the stainless jaw. Implant Cutter Industrial Finish to 6mm Capacity Implant Cutter Stainless to 1/4” 6mm Capacity TC Jaws Compund Action 630mm Long £314.15 Implant Cutter Selection Chart Maximum Pin Size Code Description Page 1.5mm 001230 Implant Cutter to 1.5mm 29 001238 Implant Cutter to 1.5mm close cut 28 001247 Safety Shear Cutter to 1.6mm close cut 28 001237/2 Implant Cutter to 1.6mm 215mm 28 001235 Industrial Finish Implant Cutter to 2.0mm 28 001237/1 Implant Cutter to 2.0mm 255mm 28 001246 Implant Cutter to 2.2mm Oblique Jaw 28 001237 Implant Cutter to 2.2mm 28 2.5mm 001236 Implant Cutter to 2.5mm close cut 27 3.0mm 001228 Implant Cutter to 3.0mm 27 4.0mm 001234 Implant Cutter to 4.0mm 27 001231/A Implant Cutter to 4.0mm detachable handles 27 001233 Implant Cutter to 4.0mm Industrial Finish 27 001231 Implant Cutter to 4.0mm compound action 26 Safety Cutter to 4.0mm 29 001232 Implant Cutter to 6.0mm Industrial Finish 26 001231VL Implant Cutter to 6.0mm compound 26 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.2mm 001229 6.0mm Implant Cutter Industrial Finish to ¼” 6mm capacity, TC jaws, Compound Action, 460mm Long. IMPLANT CUTTER INDUSTRIAL FINISH TO ¼” 6MM CAPACITY 001232 Implant Cutter Industrial Finish to ¼” 6mm Capacity 460mm Long £155.00 Implant Cutter Surgical Finish to 4mm Capacity Implant Cutter Surgical Finish to 4mm Capacity, TC Jaws, Compound Action, 490mm Long. Suitable for long chamber autoclaves. IMPLANT CUTTER SURGICAL FINISH TO 4MM CAPACITY 001231 26 Implant Cutter Surgical Finish to 4mm Capacity TC Jaws Compound Action 490mm Long £365.65