DIAG IM3 - Page 396

Dental Burs FG Head Shape Diameter Carbide Diamond 5 Pack (approx) 5 Pack RA HP Carbide Diamond 5 Pack 5 Pack Carbide Carbide Diamond Diamond Singles 5 Pack Singles 5 Pack Small Round 0.5 5FG 1/4 Medium Round 1.4 5FG4 5FG4D 5RA4 5RA4D HP4 5HP4 HP4D 5HP4D Large Round 1.8 5FG6 5FG6D 5RA6 5RA6D HP6 5HP6 HP6D 5HP6D Extra Large Round 2.1 5FG8 5FG8D 5RA8 5RA8D HP8* 5HP8 HP8D 5HP8D Extra Small Taper Fissure 0.8 5FG698 5RA698 HP698 5HP698 Small Taper Fissure 1.2 5FG701 5RA170L 5RA170LD HP701 5HP701 Medium Taper Fissure 1.6 5FG702 5FG702D Medium Taper Long Head 1.6 5FG702L 5FG702LD Large Taper Fissure 2.1 HP703 5HP703 Extra Large Taper Fissure 2.3 HP704* 5HP704 HP704D 5HP704D Extra Small Flat Fissure 0.9 5FG556 5RA556 HP556 5HP556 1 5FG557 5RA557L 5RA557LD HP557L 5HP557L HP557D 5HP557LD Medium Flat Fissure 1.6 5FG5660 5RA560 HP560 5HP560 Large Flat Fissure 2.3 Small Inverted Cone 0.6 Small Flat Fissure Medium Inverted Cone 1 1.8 Extra Small Pear 0.6 5FG329 Small Pear 0.8 5FG3330 1 5FG331 1.2 5FG332 1 5FG1557 Large Domed Fissure 1.2 HP702L 5HP702L HP703D 5FG35 5FG35D Extra Large Inverted Cone Medium Domed Fissure 5RA702L 5RA702LD 5FG331/2 1.4 Large Pear HP702 5HP702 HP563 5HP563 HP563D 5HP563D Large Inverted Cone Medium Pear 5FG 1/4D 5FG37 5RA37 5RA37D HP39 5HP39 HP39D 5HP39D 5RA330 HP332 5HP332 5FG1558 5FG1558D HL Additional Burs Extra Long Diameter Carbide Carbide Diamond Diamond (approx) Singles 5 Pack Singles 5 Pack Extra Large Taper Fissure 2.3 HL704 5HL704 HL704D 5HL704D Large Flat Fissure 2.3 HL563* 5HL563 HL563D 5HL563D * in Rabbit Bur Kit 380 Please note all bur sizes are approximate and subject to availabilty