DIAG IM3 - Page 373

P3502022 3.5mm Round Hole Plates UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: DIMENSIONS ARE IN MILLIMETERS SURFACE FINISH: FINISH: DEBUR AND BREAK SHARP EDGES 140 H3515195 130 H3514180 H3513169 120 P3504046 H3512156 110 P3504052 100 P3505058 90 H3511143 80 P3505064 VETERINARY INSTRUMENTATION 357 H3510130 70 P3506070 H3509117 60 P3506076 H3508104 50 P3507082 P3507088 40 150 DO NOT SCALE DRAWING 3.5mm Heavy Duty Round Hole Plates 30 P3508094 20 P3508100 10 P3509106 P3509118 P3510118 VETERINARY INSTRUMENTATION P3510130 0 PLEASE NOTE THAT PLATE PROFILES ARE ACTUAL SIZE YOU WILL NEED TO COMPENSATE FOR X-RAY MAGNIFICATION • PROFILES FOR GUIDANCE ONLY PLATES MAY BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME