DIAG IM3 - Page 366

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 VETERINARY INSTRUMENTATION C240859 120 130 140 150 C240752 C240966 C240645 C241073 2.4mm ASYM® Plates 110 VETERINARY INSTRUMENTATION 2.4mm Compression Plates 100 C240538 C241180 C240431 C241287 C2414101 C2416115 ASYM240304052 ASYM240305059 ASYM240306066 ASYM240307073 ASYM240406073 ASYM240308080 ASYM240407080 ASYM240309097 ASYM240408087 ASYM240310094 ASYM240409094 ASYM240311101 ASYM240410101 2.4mm Limited Contact Compression Plates LC2407062 LC2406054 LC2405046 LC2404038 LC2408070 LC2409078 LC2410086 LC2411094 LC2412102 PLEASE NOTE THAT PLATE PROFILES ARE ACTUAL SIZE YOU WILL NEED TO COMPENSATE FOR X-RAY MAGNIFICATION • PROFILES FOR GUIDANCE ONLY PLATES MAY BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME 350 UNLESS DIMENS SURFAC TOLERA LINEAR ANGU DRAWN CHK'D APPV'D MFG Q.A