DIAG IM3 - Page 365

170 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 VETERINARY INSTRUMENTATION 80 C151674 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 2.0mm Round Hole Plates VETERINARY INSTRUMENTATION 1.5mm Compression Plates 70 PR200843 PR200840 C151465 PR200738 C151256 C151152 PR200735 C151047 PR200633 PR200630 C150943 PR200528 C150838 PR200525 C150734 PR200423 C150629 PR200420 C150525 C150420 PR200213 2.0mm Biological Healing Plates 2.0mm Mini Plates BHP2008080 MP20317 BHP2008075 MP20423 MP20529 BHP2008070 MP20635 BHP2008065 MP20741 BHP2007060 2.0mm ASYM Plates 2.0mm Compression ASYM20030437 CP201892 ASYM20030542 CP201682 ASYM20030647 CP201472 ASYM20030752 CP201262 ASYM20040652 CP201052 ASYM20030857 CP20842 ASYM20040757 CP20737 CP20632 CP20527 CP20422 ASYM20030962 ASYM20040862 ASYM20031067 ASYM20040967 ASYM20031172 ASYM20041072 PLEASE NOTE THAT PLATE PROFILES ARE ACTUAL SIZE YOU WILL NEED TO COMPENSATE FOR X-RAY MAGNIFICATION • PROFILES FOR GUIDANCE ONLY PLATES MAY BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME 349 U D S T D C A M Q