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15General 2 Dental Equipment Orthopaedics & Instrumentation Fragment Forceps Pointed Reduction Forceps www.vetinst.com Very Large Fragment Forceps Ideal for fragment reduction, these forceps gently hold fragments in position whilst permanent fixation is being applied. Particularly useful in the repair of fractures of the distal femur, acetabulum and distal tibia. The smaller sizes are useful in the repair of the long bones of the miniature dog and cat as well as the smaller bones of the distal limbs in large patients. Use where a wide gape is required or where the instrument needs to be further out of the surgical field. Spinlock version is very useful during CrCl surgery for repositioning the stifle prior to placement of a lateral suture, or holding osteotomies during closing wedge type procedures.Also available in left handed versions - see page 18. VERY LARGE FRAGMENT FORCEPS 001202 001203 Reduction Forceps with Hard Wire Guide FRAGMENT FORCEPS 001200 001201 001208 001208M 001200SET Fragment Forceps 160mm Long Small Fragment Forceps 135mm Long Very Small Fragment Forceps 100mm Long Miniature Fragment Forceps 135mm Long Fragment Forceps Set of 4 (as above) Very Large Fragment Forceps 205mm Long £95.28 Very Large Fragment Forceps with Spinlock 215mm Long £139.05 £73.65 £73.65 £71.59 £78.80 £231.75 Pointed Reduction Forceps with Spinlock Standard pattern fragment forceps with an added wire guide, to allow placement of a temporary or permanent wire as close as possible to the point of reduction. Guide capacity up to 1.6mm REDUCTION FORCEPS WITH WIRE GUIDE Useful for delicate reduction of fragments. Initial reduction is performed with the spinlock flipped out, to give maximum control. Once placed, the spinlock is flipped back in & gently tightened. 001201W 001200W 001202W POINTED REDUCTION FORCEPS WITH SPINLOCK 001201SL 001245SL Small Fragment Forceps with Spinlock 135mm Long Large Fragment Forceps with Spinlock 180mm Long £95.28 £115.88 20 Reduction Forceps with Wire Guide 140mm Long Gape 10-25mm Reduction Forceps with Wire Guide 170mm Long Gape 15-40mm Reduction Forceps with Wire Guide 200mm Long Gape 25-65mm £87.55 £87.55 £100.43