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16 Clinical Equipment & Training www.vetinst.com Nail Clippers Beak Trimmer Based on a familiar mechanism, we have reversed the jaws to allow smooth, controlled and stress free trimming of the lateral extent of the beaks of several species commonly encountered in small animals and exotics practice. Heavy Duty with Plastic Handles Developed by David Strong HEAVY DUTY WITH PLASTIC HANDLES 028088 £12.88 Nail Clipper Heavy Duty Plastic Handle BEAK TRIMMER Compound Action Nail Clippers 028097 Beak Trimmer 65mm £20.55 Bird Ring Cutter COMPOUND ACTION NAIL CLIPPERS 028086 £78.80 Nail Clipper Compound Action Nail Clippers Standard Aluminium and plastic rings frequently prevent venous return from the distal limb of small birds. Oedema and necrosis quickly follow unless the ring is removed. Removal of the ring without fracturing the leg is not easy without this special cutting tool. Large BIRD RING CUTTER 028090 Bird Ring Cutter £37.50 Rabbit Ring Cutters Identification rings placed on show rabbits can occlude the venous return from the distal hind limb with disastrous results. Removal of the ring without causing additional damage and pain to the limb is very difficult without these purpose designed cutters. Once the notched jaws are engaged on the ring, firm pressure may be applied to cut the ring without fear of the ring ‘flipping over’. Also functions as a general purpose canine nail cutter. Small NAIL CLIPPERS STANDARD 028085 028085S Nail Clippers Large 14cm Nail Clippers Small 12cm £38.63 £38.63 RABBIT RING CUTTERS 028091 Rabbit Ring Cutters £32.45 Parrot Ring Cutters Resco Guillotine Type This Device is used by jewellers to remove rings from people’s fingers. The ring is cut by turning a hardened saw blade. Parrot rings are very tough and cannot be removed by nail cutters. This Cutter will also remove rabbit rings but bear in mind that the lower blade has to go between skin and ring. A lightweight clipper suitable for cats and small furries. PARROT RING CUTTERS RESCO GUILOTINE TYPE 028087 Resco Clippers Guillotine 028093 028094 £12.11 328 Parrot Ring Cutter Spare Blade for Parrot Ring Cutter £59.23 £20.09