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Tel +44 114 258 8530 Clinical Equipment & Training 16 info@vetinst.com Surgical Clippers Andis Cordless Pocket Trimmer Andis Super AGR+ Cordless with Corded Back Up Light Duty Trimmer, easily concealed in palm of hand. Handy for i.v. clips or blood tests. Runs off single AA battery (supplied). Cheap enough to have one in every room. Compact ergonomic design. * Powerful Clipper designed for all day heavy use. * Sensa-Charge Charger recharges battery is less than an hour. * High speed motor 3800 strokes per minute. ANDIS CORDLESS POCKET TRIMMER * Includes No 10 Ceramic Edge Blade. 9861 9861/5 * Cord adaptor converts clipper to mains power in emergencies. ANDIS SUPER AGR+ CORDLESS 0285604 Andis AGR+ Clipper 0285142 0285605 AGRC Power Groom Cord Adaptor Andis AGR+ Spare Battery Andis Cordless Pocket Trimmer Single Andis Cordless Pocket Trimmer 5 Pack £10.25 £41.20 £272.95 £50.99 £79.83 Laube 505 Cordless Clipper Oster Clippers A5 The latest version of the industry standard Clipper with a Blade Locking Device to prevent the Blade unclipping in use. (Blade not included). Single speed. OSTER CLIPPERS A5 028080 Oster A5 ‘Golden’ Body Only No Blades A powerful Clipper. Has integrated light for better visualisation. £149.35 LAUBE 505 CORDLESS CLIPPER 028100 Oster Blades Laube 505 Clipper £406.85 OSTER BLADES 028081 028082 028083 028084 028082/10 Oster Clipper Blade Size 40 Oster Clipper Blade Size 15 Oster Clipper Blade Size 50 Oster Clipper Blade Size 30 Oster Clipper Blade Size 10 £40.69 £40.69 £40.69 £40.69 £40.69 Laube Blades To function with the powerful Laube range of Clippers, Laube have corrected all the faults of all the other blades. Laube Blades fit all Clippers sold by Veterinary Instrumentation, except Pocket Pro Trimmer and Cardinal Wet n Dry. Highly recommended and very competitively priced. LAUBE BLADES 028111 028112 028110 028113 327 Laube No. 15 Blade Laube No. 30 Blade Laube No. 40 Blade Laube No. 50 Blade £37.60 £37.60 £37.60 £37.60