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Tel +44 114 258 8530 Clinical Equipment & Training 16 info@vetinst.com Cautery Units Thermocautery Unit Portable Cordless Cautery Kit integral illumination A B C D This handy Set comprises a Handpiece using two AA batteries (included) and four interchangeable and replaceable Cautery Tips 1/2”(12mm) Fine general purpose electrode for haemostasis 1/2”(12mm) Loop electrode for small skin tumours 4”(130mm) Fine electrode for deep areas 4”(130mm) Loop electrode Tip temperature 2200˚F/1200˚C This Mains (240v) Thermocautery Device is very robust and reliable with a wide selection of tips. As the trigger is pressed the area to be cauterised is illuminated by an integral light. Suitable for a wide range of minor procedures where thermocautery is appropriate. PORTABLE CORDLESS CAUTERY KIT 02313 02313W 02313X 02313Y 02313Z Portable Cordless Cautery Kit Replacement Cautery Tip 1/2” Fine Replacement Cautery Tip 1/2” Loop Replacement Cautery Tip 4” Fine Replacement Cautery Tip 4” Loop £66.95 £14.94 £14.94 £14.94 £14.94 THERMOCAUTERY UNIT SP33 SP36 SP34 SP35 SP37 SP43 325 Thermocautery Unit 240v Thermocautery Ti p A Knife Thermocautery Tip B Pin Thermocautery Tip C Loop Thermocautery Tip D Ball Spare Bulb £102.49 £34.51 £34.51 £34.51 £34.51 £17.00