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16 Clinical Equipment & Training www.vetinst.com Suction Tips Disposable Suction Tips and Autoclavable Tip Holder We stock the four most useful styles of tip. Each Tip comes complete with a length of Autoclavable Silicone Tube to connect to the suction unit. Yankauer 185DISPH 185DISPW Wide The Autoclavable Suction Tip Holder fits onto Standard Silicone Suction Tubing. There are a wide range of tips which fit the standard 11mm tapered opening. We offer a choice of two, narrow and wide. The autoclaveable nature means any standard suction unit may be used for both dentistry and sterile sugery. General purpose suction tip for removal of large volumes e.g. from abdomen. YANKAUER SUCTION TIP 1854327 Yankauer Suction Tip £39.66 185DISP Narrow Poole DISPOSABLE SUCTION TIP 185DISP 185DISPW 185DISPH As Yankauer but more holes for greater volume uptake. With perforated outer sheath removed the Poole functions as a small bore straight suction tip. POOLE SUCTION TIP 1854330 Poole Suction Tip Disposable Tips Narrow Mouth (Pack of 3) Disposable Tips Wide Mouth (Pack of 100) Disposable Tip Handpiece (Autoclavable) to fit onto Standard Suction Tubing £18.54 £8.76 £58.20 Suction Tubing £39.66 SUCTION TUBING 185001 Autoclavable Suction Tubing per Metre £4.90 Adson 4mm Suction Tubing Connector SUCTION TUBING CONNECTOR 185006 Focal suction tip removes fluid from specific locations e.g.in spinal procedures.Very controllable at the handpiece by single finger over air bypass hole. ADSON SUCTION TIP 1852121 Adson Suction Tip 4.0mm £39.66 Frazier 2.6mm As the Adson but finer still. FRAZIER SUCTION TIP 1854328 Frazier Suction Tip 2.6mm £39.66 324 Suction Tubing Connector £3.87