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Tel +44 114 258 8530 Instrument Care 15 info@vetinst.com Sharpening Accessories Diamond Cone IM3 White Stone Slip Subgingival Curettes must be kept sharp to work efficiently. They should be checked and sharpened at least weekly. The Diamond Cone is indestructable compared with stones which break very easily and uses water rather than oil as a lubricant. DIAMOND CONE 012148 Diamond Cone 205mm £45.84 To work effectively both scalers and elevators need to be sharp. Regular sharpening will keep your instruments working correctly. Plastic Test Stick PTS Used to check the sharpness of curettes. The sharp curette will bite when used on the test stick at the angle used on the tooth. If it slips, it is not sharp. PLASTIC TEST STICKS HUF-PTS The Slip Stone has both flat and rounded surfaces to sharpen elevators and curettes. Use baby oil as lubricant. IM3 WHITE SLIP STONE 012150 012146 IM3 White Slip Stone for Curettes and Elevators Luxator Cylindrical Sharpening Stone £30.85 £30.39 Diamond Card - Fine This credit card sized, Diamond Covered Plate is ideal for sharpening Dental Elevators and Luxators. To work efficiently these instruments must be sharp. The diamond is virtually indestructable. An additional advantage is that the lubricant used is water rather than the oil used with sharpening stones. DIAMOND CARD - FINE 012144 Flat Diamond Sharpening Card (Fine) £25.70 321 Plastic Test Sticks Pack of 6 £18.49