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Tel +44 114 258 8530 Instrument Care 15 info@vetinst.com Repair Service Instrument Cleaning Agents Veterinary Instrumentation has a network of specialists who can repair any surgical instrument. Send the damaged item to us and we will advise if it is worth repairing. For some power tools, it may be necessary to send them back to the original manufacturer for assessment, which may be overseas. All carriage fees will be charged at cost. Rapidex Cleaner - (Now supplied in bulk or water soluble sachets) Routine sharpening and setting of scissors is performed quickly and professionally by Len Richardson, an instrument maker with over 55 years of experience. An effective degreaser and general instrument cleaner. Some users dislike the loose powder format. The new soluble sachets are simply dropped into the ultrasonic bath. No dry powder is released. • Ideal for Ultrasonic Cleaners. • Also effective as a pre-soak for long standing or difficult residues • Tested by the Royal Institute of Public Health RAPIDEX CLEANER RAPIDEX RAPIDEXBULK Instrument Cleaning Brushes and Pipecleaners Rapidex Soluble Sachets (Box of 50) Rapidex Bulk Powder 2.25kg £40.69 £61.29 Perasafe Stainless Steel Instruments are protected from corrosion by a very thin layer of chromium ox ide. This should not be damaged by regular wire brushes. Brushes available with Nylon and Stainless Bristles. Orthopaedic Cleaning Brush is Double Ended with superfine soft Stainless Steel Bristles. General instrumentation is the same with Nylon Bristles. One end has 3 rows of Bristles, the other has a single row for delicate work. Pipe Cleaners are 1/8” diameter and 12” long. Absorbant for cleaning and drying. Supplied in packs of 100. Perasafe is a rapid, instrument compatible, user and environmentally friendly chemical sterilant. Supplied as a safe, space-saving powder Perasafe is activated by simply dissolving in luke-warm tap water. Providing rapid sterilisation and re-use of endoscopy instruments, Perasafe gives confidence to users and patients alike. A unique aldehyde-free formulation gives efficacy without harm to instruments, health risks to nursing staff and avoids the need for special fume extraction or waste disposal systems. INSTRUMENT CLEANING BRUSH CB1 CB2 CB3 CB4 CBPIPE Cleaning Brush Nylon for Gross Contamination Cleaning Brush Stainless for Large Burs & Reamers Cleaning Brush Nylon for General Instrumentation Cleaning Brush Stainless Steel for Orthopaedic Pipe cleaners 1/8” 12” Long (Pack of 100) £13.91 £13.91 £17.00 £17.00 £50.99 Perasafe is a pale blue/ white powder which, when in solution, sterilises within 10 minutes. Suitable for all surgical instruments and fibrescopes. Formulated not to damage surgical instruments. Prepared solution lasts 24 hours. 81g pack makes 5 litres. May be subdivided to make less. PERASAFE 100100 100101 319 Perasafe Cold Sterilant 24 x 81g (5 litre size) Perasafe Cold Sterilant 6 x 81g (5 litre size) £211.15 £74.68