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Tel +44 114 258 8530 info@vetinst.com Anaesthesia Large Diameter Silicone Endotracheal Tube Monitoring & Patient Warming 14 Laryngoscopes 025120 Miller Set & Wall Bracket Features: • Connector included. • NOT autoclavable (use cold sterilants e.g. perasafe page ????). Intubation of certain breeds of certain species can be very difficult without the appropriate laryngoscope. Deflection of soft tissues and a light source makes life very much easier. In a crisis e.g. a blue brachycephalic, the appropriate laryngoscope will be a life saver.Veterinary Instrumentation recommends Miller Blades. Our Fibre Optic System uses a remote single bulb producing a cold light at the blade tip. • Sensible pricing. LARYNGOSCOPES • Lateral Murphy eye at distal tip allows ventilation in the event of obstruction of the main opening at the tip. • 10 to 14mm diameter. • Transparent: blood and mucous visible • Comfortable c.f. rubber and PVC. • Durable c.f. rubber and PVC. LARGE DIAMETER ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE 025118FO Laryngoscope Set 025620 025621 025622 025623 025625 025118FOBULB 025127 025120 with 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 Blades Fibre Optic Spare Bulb for Fibre Optic Laryngoscopes Wall Bracket for Laryngoscope Sets Laryngoscope for Rabbit Fibre Optic £242.05 £23.18 £59.23 025125/L 025125 includes Miller No 0 Blade and 00 Blade Spare Bulb Non FO laryngoscopes Large Spare Bulb Non FO Laryngoscopes Small £175.10 £20.09 £20.09 Inner Diameter (mm) Length (cm) 10 36 £25.75 11 40 £26.78 12 44 £27.81 14 48 £28.84 Set of 4 tubes £97.85 LED Laryngoscopes & Handles EZ Tie Endotracheal Tube Securing Device Maintaining an endotracheal tube in the correct position is a critical component of anaesthesia or surgery. Any shift or displacement of an endotube during anaesthesia can be life threatening. A common practice is to use a length of cotton gauze roll to first tie around the tube then around the animal’s muzzle. Roll gauze can come untied or be difficult to quickly untie. Powered by a high output LED Laryngoscope Handle that provides superb illumination. The unique Vmag range of Blades includes 3x swivelling lens that provides excellent magnification. Please note further larger sizes of the Laryngoscope Blade are available but these do not have a magnification loupe. LED LARYNGOSCOPES & HANDLES The EZ Tie is designed to be quick and easy to hold any endotracheal or anaesthesia mask safely in place. The thin but strong plastic tubing has 2 sliding clasps. These clasps readily move along the tubing but hold steady under tension. The first clasp is used to tighten around the ET tube or mask. The second slides along to tighten around the patient’s muzzle. It also works extremely well with challenging brachycephalic breeds such as pugs and felines. EZ TIE ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE SECURING DEVICE 025094 EZ Tie Endotracheal Securing Device Pack of 3 £18.29 315 AW600.080.000V LED Laryngoscope Handle - AA Battery Powered £102.00 AW600.080.002V LED Laryngoscope Handle - C Cell Powered £102.00 AW600.080.004V LED Laryngoscope Handle - Angled Handle AWVMAG00 Laryngoscope Blade (Miller size 00) with £145.00 AWVMAG0 AWVMAG1 £110.00 Magnification Loupe Laryngoscope Blade (Miller size 0) with Magnification Loupe Laryngoscope Blade (Miller size 1) with Magnification Loupe £110.00 £110.00