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14 Anaesthesia Monitoring & Patient Warming Intubation Accessories www.vetinst.com Safe-Seal Endotracheal Tubes Endotube Light Safe Seal Tube with Stylet (supplied) This small Penlight has attached a flexible metal rod with a light at the tip. A 5mm tube easily slides over the light tube. Offers both rigidity and light, especially useful in cats and small dogs. Almost all ET Tubes used today depend upon an inflation cuff to seal the tube in the trachea, not so the Safe-Seal™ ET Tube featuring the Blaine Bafflex System. Operates with ‘AA’ batteries which are included. This new technology uses a series of 6 silicone baffles with carefully engineered pattern and spacing to seal the trachea without pressure points.The flexible baffles allow an “o-ring effect”. ENDOTUBE LIGHT 025600 025601 Endotube Light Spare Endotube Light Bulb £26.53 £14.37 The Safe-Seal ET tube lies in the trachea and the sealing baffles touch the tracheal wall leaning towards the larynx. Thus, when the patient inspires the silicone baffles are sucked against the trachea forming a tight seal. The special design allows passage of pressure exceeding 20-30 centimeters of water in the patient’s lungs. If the pop-off valve is accidentally left closed, the excess pressure is released and no harm will come to the patient. Endotracheal Tube Stylet These soft, flexible baffles are atraumatic to the tracheal surface due to the limited contact of the baffles. There is minimal contact with the tracheal wall when using the Safe-Seal Tube as opposed to the large area of contact of inflation cuff tubes. This means the tube can be left in the same position for extended periods of time. Intubation is much easier using a malleable stylet. These plastic coated stylets may be bent to the desired shape. Each Stylet has an adjustable rubber stopper to ensure that the stylet tip is not exposed at the endo tube tip. The Stylets work especially well with silicone tubes which tend to be soft. Another advantage is the “squeegee” effect when extubating, by scraping the trachea clean of any fluids present. ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE STYLET 025605 025606 025607 Stylet Tube Sizes 2.0-3.5mm Stylet Tube Sizes 4.0-6.5mm Stylet Tube Sizes 7.0-10mm The Safe-Seal ET Tube with the Blaine Bafflex System eliminates dangers of deflation or over inflation. £10.25 £10.25 £10.25 The Safe-Seal Tube’s baffles keep the tip of the tube centered in the trachea. Although the Safe-Seal ET Tube has a different ‘feel’ to regular tubes, new users quickly adjust and rarely switch back. SAFE: Baffles prevent over insufflation - no pressure points Endotracheal Tube Brushes EASY: Faster insertion and removal - less traning needed ECONOMICAL: Only three sizes needed for dogs ranging 5 - 100kgs The new Safe – Seal Endo Tube utilizes a series of silicone baffles to replace the inflation cuff. It eliminates the risks of over inflation, under inflation and leaky tubes. The soft, flexible baffles seal the trachea wit W@&W77W&RB6V6W2FRG&6VbfVG2WWGV&Fǒ26W2bGV&W2&RV6W76'f"Fw2vVvrRFw2FRU@GV&^( 2RV6R67G'V7FbVF6w&FR6Ɩ6R2WF6f&RGfFvW2b&VVfG0( 6ƖBRV6R67G'V7FbVF6w&FR6Ɩ6R( fr'G2Ff( t6&RVgBFR6R6FFRG&6Vf"WFVFVBW&G2( FRGV&Rv&FFRFRG&6VGW&r7W&vW'vFWBW'( G&7&VB6&B"fVG26&Rf7VƗVBFRGV&R( WF6f&PVFG&6VGV&W2&WV&R6VrF&WfVB7&726F֖F&WGvVVFVG2F&Vv6Vr6V7W&W2FBFW&R2V6W0'7G'V7FrFRGV&Rv66VB&RfF&&FVǒ6VFGV&P''W6W2&R&BFfBࠥ4dR4TTDE$4TET$U0UCUCDАUC%0UE4U@#SCRSS0#SCRSC#SCRSCB #SCU4U@TDE$4TET$R%%U4U0TD TD0TD@TDPTD`TDpTDTD TD4U@VFG&6VGV&R''W6"6&VFG&6VGV&R''W6"66VFG&6VGV&R''W6"6FVFG&6VGV&R''W6"6VVFG&6VGV&R''W6"6fVFG&6VGV&R''W6b6vVFG&6VGV&R''W6"6VFG&6VGV&R''W6"6&VFG&6VGV&R''W66WB2&fR*3RC*3RC*3RC*3RC*3RC*3RC*3RC*3RC*3rP3@6fR6VUB&vR3p6fR6VUBVFV3Rp6fR6VUB6RVp6fR6VUB6WBb226Vr''W6f"6fR6VUB&vP6Vr''W6f"6fR6VUBVFVА6Vr''W6f"6fR6VUB66Vr''W66WBf"6fR6VU@*3CR@*3Cc*33RS@*3P*3RC*3RC*3RC*3C"sP