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14 Anaesthesia Monitoring & Patient Warming AAS Darvall Accessories Cage Door Adaptor www.vetinst.com Bair Hugger Convertor Additional accessories are available for the Darvall system include a cage door adaptor allowing the main hose to attach to the adaptor which is firmly fixed to the cage bars. Connects Bair Hugger® Heater Hose to Darvall Cage Door Adapter. Attaches to Darvall Cage Door Adapter (AAS7882). BAIR HUGGER CONVERTER AAS08430 Bear Hugger Heater Hose Adapter £50.99 Washable Warm Air Blanket The Blankets are re-usable being made of a silky polyester fabric with an inlay of nylon waterproof material to keep the airflow circulating upwards towards the patient. The Blankets are machine washable (hang to dry, do not tumble dry). The opening is 5” (12.5cm) with a cord tie making these Blankets suitable for all brands of warm air convection units.­­­­­­ A second short hose connects the blanket to the cage door, making disconnection of the unit quick and easy without disturbing the patient. Two Cage Adaptor A useful Y adaptor allowing 2 blankets in adjoining cages to run from 1 heater unit WASHABLE WARM AIR BLANKET C9B7550 C9B9060 C9B12060 C9SET AAS DARVALL WARM AIR SYSTEM ACCESSORIES AAS7882 AAS07888 AAS8100 AAS02347 AAS1959 Darvall Warm Air Heater Cage Door Adaptor £81.89 Darvall Warm Air Heater Hose Cover £33.48 Darvall Warm Air Heater Crocodile Clip Hose Holder £39.66 Darvall Warm Air Heater Hose Complete £92.70 Darvall Two Cage Y Adaptor (requires 2 x Cage Door Adaptors - not included) £324.45 312 Washable Warm Air Blanket (75cm x 50cm) Washable Warm Air Blanket (90cm x 60cm) Washable Warm Air Blanket (120cm x 60cm) Washable Warm Air Blanket Set of 3 (as above) £77.25 £82.40 £87.55 £200.85