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14 Anaesthesia Monitoring & Patient Warming AAS Darvall Warm Air System www.vetinst.com AAS Darvall Warm Air Blankets What makes them different from the rest? The Darvall series of warm air blankets are specifically designed for veterinary use. The unique blanket surface design is porous polyester which provides low uniformly distributed air flow, providing efficient warming, reducing the ‘wind chill’ factor and minimising hair contamination. Traditional warm air blankets have a punched out surface allowing a higher rate of air flow out of the blanket. OK for humans, as we are on a very different scale, but much less suitable for veterinary patients. Blankets are available in a range of standard under and over blankets with a special design for dentistry and oral surgery which leaves the head area free of hoses etc. Recovery blankets have dual hose inlets positioned for right or left recumbency patients improving access for connection in a kennel. Standard under and over blankets have two hose inlets, allowing easy positioning of the hose. Tube blankets are also available. Starter Pack of Darvall Warm Air Blankets Not sure what you will use? Get a starter pack to try all sizes. The benefits of preventing hypothermia both during and after surgery are well documented, both in terms of improved patient care and more efficient use of resources. Pack includes 2 each of both sizes of surgery under-blanket, 2 of both sizes of recovery over-blanket, and 2 dentistry blankets. A total of 10 blankets which covers the most commonly used varieties. Use of warm air blankets to pre-warm patients, heated anaesthetic circuits for all procedures plus blankets under anaesthetised animals during longer procedures, over 60 minutes, followed by post-op cage blanket use will help optimise patient recovery from anaesthesia. Spend a moment reading the informative article at the start of this section for more information. AAS Darvall Cocoon Warm Air Unit Recovery Overblanket Recovery Overblankets are available in 2 sizes, Cats and Sma Fw07GW&VB6FR3S3cBf"VFV&vRFw26FR3S3SGVWG2rVfW&ƗGࠤfW&&W@"FFF6W2&Rf&RvF6vR"WG2FRF'f66VFrVB2V7B7G&vFf'v&BFW6R'VrVWFǒB&GV6W2֖6RWFFVG&W2@&V6fW'&V2fVGW&W26VFRWF7FWFvVFrCl2C<2C 0vF6Ɩr6f&RB3L2VFW"֖7&&6W76"6G&"֖7&&W6V&RfFW"V2&WfVB֖7&&6F֖FbFPv&"&R&6R26VFVBvFFRVB&WFRW6RbFR&6PvFFRVBvVWFVBFRW&B&WGvVVfFW"&W6VVG2v6&RG6ǒWfW'"V'2ࠥFR7F'FW"B6F2FR66v&"VB7FB7F'FW"6b&WG2B6vRF"FF"2D%d44t$"T@4445D%@F'f667F'FW"6WB3#3F'f66v&"V@*33S*3#rSfW&&WBf"VFV&vRFw26FR3S33Bf"F6RfW'&vRFVG2fW&&WBf"WG&&vRFw0Bf26FR3S