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Tel +44 114 258 8530 info@vetinst.com Anaesthesia Darvall Heated ZDS Qube Monitoring & Patient Warming 14 ‘As a specialist referral centre we have procedures that require the patient to be under General Anesthesia for several hours, and this inherently cause issues with keeping the patient’s temperature normothermic.’ The Darvall Qube is a zero dead space anaesthesia non-rebreathing mask system for exotics, available heated to take all the advantages of inspired gas warming down to the smallest of patients. The exotics mask kit includes small rodent/reptile mask, larger bird/rabbit mask and endotracheal tube connector. Patients can be induced using the sealed masks, reducing the environmental contamination involved in transferring patients from induction chambers. Inspired gas warming is then available throughout the anaesthetic, with the concomitant benefits for the patient. ‘Using The darvall heated circuit has added to our ability to maintain the patients temperature. the heated tubing has made a positive impact on reducing the time it takes to warm them post surgery.’ Direction of flow in Qube showing fresh warm gas to patient The AAS Darvall ZDS Starter Kit contains the Heated Controller Unit, 1 x Heated ZDS Qube, 2 x Face Masks, 1 x ET Adaptor, 1 x Fresh Gas Tube & 1 x Exhalation Tube. AAS DARVALL ZDS QUBE & MASKS AAS8556 Starter Kit for Heated ZDS Qube £921.85 AAS8457 Heated ZDS Qube with Mask Set 8407 Controller Unit required £458.35 AASCIR-0028 ZDS Mask Set for Rodents 3 Masks & Diaphragms £139.05 AASCIR-0027 AAS0835 ZDS Mask Set for Exotics 2 Masks, Diaphragms & ET Adaptor ZDS Mask Circuit £135.00 £66.95 Images & testimonial courtesy of David White RVN, Senior Veterinary Nurse, Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists 309