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14 Anaesthesia Monitoring & Patient Warming Circuits www.vetinst.com LACK Parallel Circuit This is a safer system than co-axial circuits. Modified Ayres ‘T’ Piece Both tubes are visible and can be checked for leaks, damage and security. Use in patients 10kg plus. The Standard Circuit for patients weighing less than 10kg • Low resistance • No valves • An open circuit Complete with scavenge connector 025534. MODIFIED AYRES ‘T’ PIECE 025105 Modified Ayres ‘T’ Piece Circuit Complete LACK PARALLEL CIRCUIT LACK1 LACK4 £133.90 Modified Ayres ‘T’ Piece Semi Disposable LACK Parallel Circuit Complete LACK Replacement Tubes Set £195.70 £39.66 LACK Parallel Circuit Semi-Disposable As above but lighter in construction. As above but supplied complete with head unit and 2 litre bag 1.6m length. MODIFIED AYRES ‘T’ PIECE - SEMI DISPOSABLE 025105SD £30.39 Semi Disposable ‘T’ Circuit ‘T’ Piece Scavenge Connector & Rebreathing Bags Pollution is a problem with all open circuits. This Connector fits into the tail of the rebreathing bag and connects to standard scavenging systems. Also fits Mini Bain. LACK PARALLEL CIRCUIT SEMI DISPOSABLE LACKSD Mini LACK Parallel Circuit ‘T’ PIECE SCAVENGE CONNECTOR 025534 025051 025104 025106 ‘T’ Piece Scavenge Connector 0.5 Litre Rebreathing Bag 4 Litre Rebreathing Bag 2 Litre Rebreathing Bag £39.66 LACK Circuit Semi Disposable £18.03 £16.48 £22.66 £19.57 Bain Circuit Fresh gas passes down the inner tube. Exhaust gas returns via the outer tube. Good heat and moisture exchange. Use 2.0 to 2.5 times respiratory minute volume. The adapter is re-usable but the circuits are semi-disposable. MINI LACK PARALLEL CIRCUIT LACKMINC Mini LACK Parallel Circuit Complete LACKMINIRTS Mini LACK Replacement Tubes Set LACKMINIRMAN Mini LACK Replacement Manifold Use in patients 10kg plus. BAIN CIRCUIT 025080 025081 Bain Circuit Mount (required initially) Bain Circuits Tube Set only £231.75 £23.18 £190.55 £46.35 £154.50 Circle Circuits Semi-Disposable Bain Circuit Semi-Disposable An economical Circuit for 10kg or more. There is a degree of rebreathing but the CO2 is removed by the in-circuit soda lime. Minimum flow replenishes patients metabolic oxygen. As above but supplied as a complete circuit which can be reused many times. 1.6 m length. Rubber bung allows Soda Lime to be replenished. CIRCLE CIRCUITS SEMI-DISPOSABLE BAIN CIRCUIT SEMI-DISPOSABLE 025083 Bain Circuit Semi Disposable Complete 025085 £39.66 304 Circle Circuit £64.38