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12 Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Rabbit Dental Kits Actual Size Root Tip Extraction Forceps www.vetinst.com If you are setting up or have no rabbit/ rodent equipment you may wish to purchase a Set, which offers considerable savings and is supplied in an Stainless Steel Autoclaveable Case. Most chronic abcesses around the head of a rabbit are related to infected tooth roots. Removal of the offending root is a prerequisite for suc 6W76gVG&VFVBFW6vVB'g&6W2&6W'B'&vFW6PFfVBVVFVFW'2&RW6VBF6FRB6FFR&BFfFR&6W72ࠤ&62B$C6F3( "&FVBvp$BDUE$5Dd$4U0##`&BFWG&7Ff&6W2cА( "r&V66VVFF *3C2s( "66"WF ( ""7WGFW ( "tfR&7gVBB$C"6F3( "u&FVBvp( "66VVFF "WG&7Ff&6W0( "&vR6VVFF ( "tr&V6FF ( "t66"WF ( "t"WF ( "t"WG&7Ff&6W0( "tFB&7( "u&FVB7GV( "t"7WGFW BbF"B$C26F3( "t2gVBBU3( "&&&B'W"@( "u6gBF77VR&FV7F ( "tFBF60( "tFBF62&FV7F F2B6&WV&W27G&vB6R6RW2֖7&F"" VV7G&2G&fR$$$BDTDE0$C$C $C0FW&R2fW'ƗGFR76R6FR&&&BWFFW6Rf&6W2&RfW'6ƖBvVBFfBFRWFvFWBFFǒ'67W&rFRFVWF"UE$5Dd$4U0#&&&BwVVr"f&6W2cА*3C2s#`&62@gVB@BbF"@*3R*3#sR*33R