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12 Dental Equipment & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Double Ended Diamond Rasp Rodent Molar Cutter One end is concave to sit on and around the molars. The other end is flat. Each blade is 25mm long DOUBLE ENDED DIAMOND RASP 012173 Double Ended Diamond Rasp 205mm £64.38 Diamond Disc Use to debulk or for trimming spurs and hooks. RODENT MOLAR CUTTER 012186 Rodent Molar Cutter 180mm 012186/S Rodent Molar Cutter 140mm 01218CUTSET Rodent Molar Cutter Set of 2 (as above) £40.69 £40.69 £61.29 Rodent Molar Rasp For trimming incisors. Shown with Straight Nose Cone and Diamond Disc Safety Shield (not included). DIAMOND DISC 001789 001791 001790 Diamond Disc (20mm) Diamond Disc Safety Shield Diamond Disc and Safety Shield £33.48 £61.29 £87.55 Dental Model Clear 012181 012181A 012187 012182 The Diamond Coated Rasps are designed to smooth off sharp edges without disturbing the delicate tooth roots. The Small Diamond Rasp is contoured in two directions to enable it to sit nicely on top of the molars. Unsuitable for debulking but good for tidying. RODENT MOLAR RASP 012187 012181 012181A 012182 01218SET Rodent Tooth Rasp Large 165mm Rodent Tooth Rasp Small 180mm Rodent Molar Rasp Fine - Diamond Small 180mm Rodent Molar Rasp Fine - Diamond Large 165mm Rodent Molar Rasp Set of 4 (as above) £30.39 £30.39 £45.84 £48.93 £128.75 DENTAL MODELS CLEAR RABBIT D1057 D1062 294 Rabbit Clear Dental Model Set of Feline, Canine and Rabbit Models £100.43 £267.80