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Tel +44 114 258 8530 info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation 12 Table Top Rabbit Gag Rodent Mouth Gag Without this gag examination and treatment of rabbit molars is virtually impossible. RODENT MOUTH GAG 012185 Rodent Mouth Gag £61.29 Lig htweight Rodent Mouth Gag Less bulky and less powerful than the standard Rodent Gag. Cheaper too. This version of our well known gag now has a white Teflon platform which makes the gag warmer for the anaesthetised small patient and rather cheaper than the original. It is easy to clean and may be autoclaved. TABLE TOP RABBIT GAG 012207 Table Top Rabbit Gag 012209 Table Top Rabbit Gag and LED Light DENRODKIT Table Top Rabbit Gag, LED Light and Full Hand Kit (Rod2 - see page 296) £255.00 £315.00 £545.00 LIGHTWEIGHT RODENT MOUTH GAG 012185LW Rodent Mouth Gag Lightweight 012185LWS Rodent Mouth Gag Lightweight and Small LED Light For Table Top Gag £50.99 £50.99 Cheek Dilators The Small Dilator is also useful as a small gag for guinea pigs and chinchillas. CHEEK DILATORS Illumination of the inside of the rabbit mouth is difficult without the hands of the surgeon getting in the way. The Rabbit Gag LED Light simply clips into the retaining mount which screws onto the threaded height adjustment control. The flexible neck of the Light can be adjusted for best effect. The powerful white LED lasts for approximately 100 hours on a set of AAA batteries. Also useful as a focal examination light elsewhere in the clinic. 012188 012189 012189A Fits all table top gags. LED LIGHT FOR TABLE TOP GAG 012208 LED Light with Flexible Neck (inc clip) Rodent Cheek Dilator Small Max Gape 40mm Blade Length 15mm, Blade Width 10mm Rodent Cheek Dilator Large Max Gape 60mm Blade Length 22mm, Blade Width 15mm Rodent Cheek Dilator Long Reach Blade Length 36mm, Blade Width 11mm Use with long burs Max Gape 35mm £14.94 £14.94 £14.94 Rodent Spatula £85.00 Use to deflect tongue and cheek to examine and treat molars. RODENT SPATULA 012184 293 Rodent Spatula £21.63