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Tel +44 114 258 8530 info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation 12 Automatic Water Supply for Dental Scalers Piezo Scaler with Detachable, Autoclavable Handpiece with Inbuilt Water Supply. UDS-L Supplied with G1 x 2, G2, G4 & P1 Tips This top of the range Piezo Unit has a Handpiece which is detachable for cleaning and autoclaving. Separate Handpieces may be set up with different Tips. The controls are simple with an LED power readout. Supplied with 5 different replaceable, Scaling Tips. This Unit is supplied with its own integrated pressurised water supply system. Alternatively the USD-L may be plumbed into your dental unit. Automatic frequency tracking. PIEZO SCALER WITH DETACHABLE, AUTOCLAVABLE HANDPIECE & IRRIGATION 1020 Piezo Scaler with Autoclavable Handpiece UDS-L £303.85 Piezo Scaler Accessories PIEZO SCALER ACCESSORIES 1021 102G1 102G2 102G4 102P1 Spare Autoclavable Handpiece G1 Scaler Tip G2 Scaler Tip G4 Scaler Tip P1 Scaler Tip £139.05 £39.66 £39.66 £39.66 £39.66 Shown attached to Ultrasonic Scaler (not supplied) This handy water supply with pump is suitable for scalers which connect to either a dental machine or a pump-up water bottle. The small pump is unobtrusive, about the size of a pack of playing cards, and the bottle will stand on the benchtop next to the scaler unit. This will get rid of the need for pumping up plastic bottles, which invariable are dust and dirt traps. If your scaler is currently attached to your dental machine, the addition of this unit would make the 2 independent of each other allowing more flexibility of use. AUTOMATIC WATER SUPPLY FOR DENTAL SCALERS 1023 291 Automatic Water Supply for Dental Scalers £45.35