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12 Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Introduction www.vetinst.com Piezo Scaler with Detachable, Autoclavable Handpiece It is possible to scale and polish using only hand instruments. It is, however, extremely time consuming. Teeth must be polished after scaling or plaque and tartar will quickly reform. UDS-P Ultrasonic Scalers Ultrasonic scalers work by delivering high frequency vibrations to a metal tip. The vibration may be generated by a variety of mechanisms: • Sonic. Slow and inefficient, often reaching less than 10,000Hz • Magneto restrictive (cavitron type). The tip is vibrated by multiple layered metal strips and a magnetic field. Typically their type generates a lot of heat which requires a lot of cooling water. 35-38000Hz. • Piezo. The movement at the tip is generated by applying a current across a crystal. Typically uses less water. • Ferrite Rod. The tip movement is generated by an electrical field around a ferrite rod. This system is capable of producing higher frequencies up to 42,000Hz. Veterinary Instrumentation stock Piezo and Ferrite Rod Types (iM3 42-12). We think these are most appropriate for veterinary use. Supplied with G1 x 2, G2, G4 & P1 Tips Please note that all Ultrasonic Scalers should be used with care as inappropriate use will result in damage to enamel.All scaler inserts should be autoclaved after every patient, to avoid efficiently passing periodontal pathogens and retroviruses on to new patients. The UDS-P Scaler has a Detachable Autoclavable Handpiece. This means that Handpieces can be switched between patients or at least regularly sterilised. Alternatively different Piezo Tips can be fitted to different Handpieces. This Scaler also features automatic frequency tracking with an LED output display. Piezo Scalers Supplied with 5 tips this is a reliable unit at a very reasonable price. If you cannot afford the 42-12 this is the best scaler for you. It will require a water source. Either plug straight into your VI Dental Unit or purchase our pump