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12 Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Burs www.vetinst.com Roto-Pro Burs When used in a High Speed Handpiece these burs produce vibrations at 20,000cycles per second. Bur Kits Each Bur Kit contains a range of useful Burs for each application. Very aggressive action – use with extreme caution. Dog and cat enamel is thin and easily damaged. Each comes with a simple to follow guide for bur usage. ROTO-PRO BURS R350 R351 BUR KITS D751 D753 D754 £74.68 £74.68 £74.68 Dog High Speed Bur Kit (FG) Cat High Speed Bur Kit (FG) Low Speed (HP) Bur Kit (for SNC) Flame (Pack of 6) Perio (Pack of 6) £28.33 £28.33 Dental Burs To aid correct bur selection, see chart opposite and use the following steps Small Animal Speciality Burs in Block Identify shaft type i.e. FG, RA, HP or HL (top row) Identify the head shape (green column) Select the diameter of the head (white column) Choose between Carbide or Diamond head All the Burs you need for routine veterinary dentistry in one autoclavable block. The Set includes 12 slow speed (HP Shank) Burs and 12 high speed (Friction Grip FG) Burs. Includes: Side cutting Round/ Pear Code Number FG698 2 FG701 2 FG702 2 HP702 2 HP703 2 Application Please ask a member of our Vet Tech Team if the bur you are looking for is not shown. Section teeth Rabbits in HP HP560 2 FG1/4 2 FG4 2 HP4 2 Creating tooth access to pulp chambre or caries removal HP8 2 Fine bone removal FG330 2 HP332 2 Widen periodontal ligamen space in extraction. SMALL ANIMAL SPECIALITY BURS IN BLOCK BURKIT24 Block Including Burs (24) BURBLCK24 Block Alone £128.75 £33.48 See overleaf for full Bur Chart 288