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Tel +44 114 258 8530 info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation 12 Options Oscillating Prophy Head Rabbit Option (Shown on straight nose cone - not included) Developed for human dentistry to combat the risk of HIV the disposable prophy head is surprisingly cheap and minimises the risk of FeLV and FIV transmission. The oscillating action means there is no heat build-up on the tooth surface and ‘snagging’ on muzzle hair is minimal. Soft prophy cups as supplied on these heads should be used as they produce less heat and flare better under the gumline with less pressure. The oscillating prophy head fits the straight nose cone. To achieve the correct running speed use the 4:1 reduction with air equipment or the 1:1 with micromotors. Adjust the running speed to 6000rpm on either system. OSCILLATING PROPHY HEAD SEMI DISPOSABLE IM3L7465S IM3L7465L Oscillating Disp Prophy Angle (for 4:1 Reduction) x 25 Oscillating Disp Prophy Angle (for 4:1 Reduction) x 100 £34.51 £118.45 Rasping is a very inefficient method of levelling rabbit and rodent molars. The best method is the use of side cutting burs. Our Rabbit Bur Kit includes two of each of the most useful handpiece burs which fit the 1:1 Straight Nose Cone. They are housed in a custom made stainless block which also has holes for your favourite friction grip burs for the high speed. To minimise damage to the cheek and tongue, a Soft Tissue Protector is highly recommended. The Soft Tissue Protector and Burs were developed by David Crossley. Prophy Paste HANDPIECE OPTIONS - RABBIT 001792 BA170 001793 001794 D797 HL563D Prophy Paste is an abrasive polishing compound used in conjunction with prophy cups and brushes to create a highly polished enamel surface which is resistant to tartar buildup. We strongly recommend the use of fine grade prophy paste for general polishing after scaling, as this will produce the smoothest surface and reduce abrasion on the enamel. Medium and coarse are used for heavy staining in human dentistry, and always followed with a final, fine polish to give a good finish. Rabbit Bur Kit (6 Burs in Block) 1:1 Straight Nose Cone Soft Tissue Protector Rabbit Bur Option (includes all of above) Bud Shaped Acrylic Bur HP fitting Very Long Side Cut Diamond Bur (smoother cut and less heat than carbide) £54.08 £200.85 £66.44 £283.25 £7.47 £7.47 Diamond Disc Option Individual paste cups are recommended to maintain hygiene. PROPHY PASTE P466 P466R/200 P4660DP HS5556660 Prophy Paste Regular 300g Prophy Paste Medium 200 (2g) Individual Pots Prophy Paste Coarse 200 (2g) Individual Pots Prophy Paste Fine 200 (2g) Individual Pots £9.79 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 Diamond coated discs make short work of sectioning teeth and shortening rodent incisors. To minimise risk to surgeon and patient always use a disc safety shield. Fits onto 1:1 Straight Nose Cone. If you do not have an airdriven high speed unit this may be your only tooth cutting option. Diamond discs are very dangerous to soft tissue – shielded or not. HANDPIECE OPTIONS - DIAMOND DISC 001789 001791 001790 BA170 287 Diamond (Double Sided) Disc Diamond Disc Safety Shield Diamond Disc Option (includes both of the above) 1:1 Straight Nose Cone £33.48 £61.29 £87.55 £200.85