DIAG IM3 - Page 302

12 Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Low Speed Motor www.vetinst.com Straight Nose Cone 4:1 Running with low speed (up to 22,000rpm) and high torque, this air motor is used to drive several dental accessories e.g. straight nose cone, prophy heads and the latch head.The motor has a speed limiter feature, while forward and reverse are controlled by a collar at the base of the motor.The accessories listed also fit the Portable Micromotor (see page 331) LOW SPEED MOTOR BA603 Y160020 1:1 Low Speed Motor Speed Motor Kit inc Motor, 1:1 SNC & Contra Angle Latch Head/1:1 Attachment Complete £303.85 Image may not show the exact handpiece supplied but does show the style. This accessory pushes directly onto the low speed motor and drives a range of handpiece (HP+ HL) burs and the diamond disc.This combination is used to cut rabbit teeth and drill holes in bone. In addition HP burs may be used in the straight nose in spinal procedures. 6,000rpm is the recommended maximum speed for prophy cups. £489.25 Handpieces If using an air driven unit we advise the 4:1 reduction straight nose cone. If using an electric micromotor the 1:1 may be used but turn the maximum speed down to 6,000rpm. High Speed Handpiece STRAIGHT NOSE CONE BA170 H262001 Straight Nose Cone 1:1 (used in rabbit bur option) £200.85 Straight Nose Cone 4:1 Reduction for Oscillating Prophy £252.35 Image maynot show the exact handpiece supplied but does show the style. 4:1 Reduction A GF6VB&FFr&VG2@7W0'VrvFv7VVBBrF'VRF2GV6R2FW6vVBF&VfRFF"&R2'BbWG&7F"&W"FV6VRǐg&7Fw&dr'W'2fBFRv7VVBfRvFW"WG26FR'W"FPf'&RF2fW'6V֖FW2FRW&FfR&VvF'&ƖB6BƖvB$GV6W2fRV"v'&G֖F&bF2v7VV@V6W2vR7WǒfR֖GvW7BfGFr"v'&G6fW'2'W'07GV6FRGV6RFfBF2FR'W"W7B&R&VfVBg&FPVB&WGvVVWfW'66RBFVǒ6VB&R&W6VBvFWrR&VB'W'2BǒFvRFVWFFW66W6RWV6fRFvRFv7VVBGW&&W2v6vB&R6fW&VBVFW"v'&GࠣCGV6R&Gt5TTBET4PScv7VVBW6'WGF*332P67&Wrࠥ6ࠥFRCGF6VBvV'2FvFRr7VVBF"'BFW2F06VB&R6WBFc'B2fW'vF'VRv62&W7Bf Ɨ6rFVWFBW7Vǒ2w&VV&BB2W6VBFG&fR&VG2&7W2&RW6VB6V7FvF&7FRFƗ6FVWFfvr66Ɩr6gB&7W2&R&W7B2FW7&VFRW72V@Bf&R&WGFW"VFW"FRwVƖRvFW72&W77W&RfW&RFƗ6v&W7VB&B'VBWbWrVRࠣGF6VBB6G&vRF6V@67&Wr&V@f"fWvW"&&V2vF"ࠤvRB6rFRW7BGV6R7WƖVB'WBFW26rFR7GRࠥ6&V@vFVǒW6VB'WB26R&&V2fWFW&'FVF7G'WR &V6W26VvB&VBFR( 'WGF( BvV6&VBvF&7FRV6ǒFVw&FW2FRVBࠥFRGF6VBW6W2F&V7FǒFFRr7VVBF"@G&6֗G27GVF"7VVBFFRVBfGFrB2&VR&BFPVB&RW6VB2&Ɨ6W"vFW6RbCcRF6&7W0"26G&vRG&vFFRW6Rb$'W'2ࠣC$TET5DED4TB$DDr$TE2`5U0FR6G&vRVBffW'2vW"F'VRFFRv7VVBFP7VVB2Ɩ֗FVBF#R'&vRb6G&'W'22f&R2'W BCsS"W6R$&VfvV&FW&r62b'W'2ࠤ3c3C$ #c 3Cc@CcPED4TBB4E$tRD4T@$GF6VBB6G&vRF6V@*33P#`CGV6R&G&VB67&Wr4򐐥&7W267&WrC@&VB64򐐥&7W26C@6G&vRF6VB&7W3`*3cP*3SS*3cbP*3SS*3SS*3#r3