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Tel +44 114 258 8530 Dental Equipment & Instrumentation 12 info@vetinst.com Forte Luxators Surgical Extraction Kit Forte Luxators have been specifically designed to withstand the considerable force sometimes needed for controlled and safe tooth elevation. The extra strong cornered lip has been developed to aid grip. The best all round veterinary luxator. Available in 3 sizes. Small range of basic surgical extraction instruments, as recommended by Norman Johnson. These are all Hu-Friedy instruments. Round European Style Scalpel Handle 10-130-05E Round European Style Scalpel Handle. Takes Swann Morton No 3 fit Blades. Double-ended Molt Surgical Curette CM2/4 FORTE LUXATORS 012174 012175 012176 012172 Forte Luxator 2.5mm Black/ Green 160mm Forte Luxator 3.2mm Black/ Grey 160mm Forte Luxator 4mm Black/ Brown 160mm Forte Luxator Set of 3 £70.56 £70.56 £70.56 £180.25 Used for curettage, cyst removal and debridement of tooth socket. Adson ½ Teeth Forceps TP5042 Luxator Autoclave Case Miller-Colburn Cross Cut Bone File BF1X Used for final smoothing of bone. Cross cut files cut on both direction strokes. LUXATOR CASE FIXUS1 Luxator Case £11.85 Olsen-Hegar Needleholder T.C. NH5068 Molt Periosteal Elevator 2/4 (4mm/6mm) Olsen-Hegar Needleholder T.C. 17cm Simion Castroviejo Needleholder NH2024SIM Molt is a Double Ended Periosteal Elevator. The two tips are round and dished. 4mm and 6mm diameters. Simion Castroviejo Needleholder. Tungsten Carbide with catch. MOLT PERIOSTEAL ELEVATOR 2/4 (4MM/6MM) 001275 Molt Periosteal Elevator 200mm £46.35 Supercut Iris Scissors Periosteal Elevator Supercut Iris Scissors 15cm. HU-FRIEDY SURGICAL EXTRACTION INSTRUMENTS Used for raising full thickness mucogingival flaps before surgical extraction of teeth – bone removal and sectioning. HUF-10-130-05E HUF-CM2/4 HUF-TP-5042 HUF-BF1X HUF-NH5068 HUF-NH2024SIM HUF-S17SC PERIOSTEAL ELEVATOR 001270 7350/05 001271 001272 Periosteal Elevator (195mm - 4mm/ 7mm End) Freer Periosteal Elevator 5mm (180mm) Curved 6mm AO Type (180mm) Very Fine 2mm/ 3mm Periosteal Elevator (180mm) £53.05 £50.99 £59.23 £50.99 281 European Round Scalpel Handle Molt Surgical Curette Double-ended Adsons Forceps 1/2 Teeth Miller-Colburn Bone File Double-ended Olsen Hegar Needleholders T.C. 17cm Simion Castroviejo Needleholders T.C. Iris Scissors Supercut 11.5cm £61.29 £64.38 £133.90 £79.83 £154.50 £334.75 £69.53