DIAG IM3 - Page 294

12 Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Hu-Friedy Instruments www.vetinst.com 2A Pigtail Explorer EXD2A6 Hu-Friedy Periodontal Kit Set of 5 basic instruments for periodontal work, as recommended by Norman Johnson. Thin Williams Double-ended Screening Probe PCPQOW11.5 Explorer/ Explorer Probe XP23/UNC15 Mini Gracey Curettes SAS11/12, SAS 13/14 A double-ended instrument with an explorer on one end and a probe on the other. Excellent for dental examinations and charting. Sickle Scaler SH6/7 Terminal shank elongated by 3mm for access into deep periodontal pockets and root surfaces of 5mm or more. Reduced blade, half the length of the standard Gracey, for better adaptation in narrow pockets. Blade is 10% thinner than standard Gracey to ease gingival insertion and reduce tissue distention. Useful in cats. Designed for the removal of supragingival calculus. Super-thin, contra-angle design. Shank angulation provides accessibility to most surfaces. Standard Gracey Curettes SG11/12 & SG13/14 Kirkland Double-ended Perio Knife K15/166 Area-specific to allow for deep scaling, root planing and periodontal debridement. • Offset blade provides a perfect working angulation for the tooth surface. • Offset blade angulation means only the lower cutting edge of each blade is used. Used to check the sharpness of curettes. The sharp curette will bite when used on the test 7F6BFRvRW6VBFRFFbB6Ɨ2B2@6'ࠥ6vR6FVB6R66WB֗'&"BFRԃB`ԕ#@Re$TEDTD5E%TTE0TbU$@Rg&VGW&FFB&60TbՅ#2T3PW&W"V7W&r&&PTb5rPFvƖ2FV&RVFVB67&VVr&&PTbUC$`wFW&W"$Tbԃ#@6R66WB֗'&"FPTbԕ$B0֗'&"6vR6FVB#&FfBԃ#B6b0Tbԕ$B"֗'&"6vR6FVB#&FfBԃ#B6b Tb4bp66R66W Tb4s w&6W7W&WGFR7FF&B Tb4s2@w&6W7W&WGFR7FF&B2@Tb43 w&6W7W&WGFR֖ffR Tb432@w&6W7W&WGFR֖ffR2@TbԴRc`&BW&fRFV&RVFV@TbE07F2FW7B7F66b`4R44UBUDԕ%$"fVGW&W3&FV6FrF&W67@67&F6rg&B7W&f6Rf"6'F7F'Fg&VRvW2B6Fǐf6VBf"FVB6f'B#&FWFW"7WƖVBWF6f&R676WGFRअRe$TEU$DD@TbU$@Rg&VGW&FFB&60*3#3b#s*3#3b*3#3`*33c0*3`*3Rp*3r*3C0*33"CP*33"CP*33"CP*33"CP*33"CP*3c#*3C