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Dental Ophthalmic Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation & Diagnostics 11 15 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Opticlar Spares & Accessories Opticlar Power Sources To create a diagnostic set you will need to combine the diagnostic head of your choice together with a power source. Opticlar Otoscope Heads & Accessories Opticlar Standard Handle Compatible with either Opticlar & Welch Allyn power sources or with Heine power sources. Screw thread fitting also available. Multi Volatge Bulb has a life of > 10,000 hours and is guaranteed for 10 years. OPTICLAR OTOSCOPE HEADS AND ACCESSORIES AW700.000.040 AW700.000.040H Opticlar Veterinary Otoscope Head for Opticlar & Welch Allyn Power Sources & LED Multi Voltage Bulb Opticlar Veterinary Otoscope Head for Heine Power Sources & LED Multi Voltage Bulb AW700.000.040/1 G0021330 G0021331 G0021332 G0021333 AW700.000.020 Opticlar Magnifying Swivel Loupe to fit Opticlar or Heine Slit Head Otoscopes. Speculum Closed Metal 4mm Speculum Closed Metal 6mm Speculum Closed Metal 7mm Speculum Closed Metal 10mm x 150mm Opticlar Spreadable Speculum with 4 Position Click Stops The standard handle takes regular dry cell batteries. OPTICLAR STANDARD BATTERY HANDLE £108.15 AW100.000.123/6 Opticlar Standard Battery Handle £113.30 £97.85 Opticlar Rechargeable Handles £13.14 £50.99 £50.99 £50.99 £50.99 £108.15 Opticlar Ophthalmoscope Heads All Opticlar Ophthalmic equipment is manufactured to exacting standards to ensure first class optical performance. True Tone LED illuminations fine tuned to provide the correct blend of brightness and colour temperature. Performance remains constant throughout the life of the LED. The Rechargeable Handles are available as either a USB Handle (as shown) or Standard Handle for use with Desk Charger. The Desk Charger is available as either Single Port for one Handle or Double Port for two Handles. OPTICLAR OPHTHALMOSCOPE HEADS AW100.000.024 AW100.000.050 AW100.000.050H Opticlar Pocket Pro LED Ophthalmoscope Head with Heine Compatible Screw Fitting L28 Opticlar LED Ophthalmoscope Head to fit Opticlar & Welch Allyn Handles L28 Opticlar LED Ophthalmoscope Head to fit Heine Handles £82.40 OPTICLAR RECHARGEABLE HANDLES £144.20 AW100.020.000/3 Opticlar Rechargeable Handle with Lithium Ion Battery AW100.020.000HRC Heine Compatible Rechargeable Handle with Nimh Battery AW100.020.000/2 Opticlar USB Handle with Lithium - Ion Battery AW100.000.123/2 Opticlar Single Port Desk Charger - No Handle AW100.000.123/1 Opticlar Double Port Desk Charger - No Handle AW100.000.123/10 Opticlar Lithium Ion Rechargeable Cell £164.80 273 £113.30 £113.30 £144.20 £103.00 £144.20 £51.50