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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Ophthalmic Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation & Diagnostics 11 15 Castroviejo Corneal Scissors Ryder Needleholders Squeeze action, very delicate Scissor used to extend the stab corneal incision. Easily damaged. CASTROVIEJO’S CORNEAL SCISSORS 014210 014210S Ideal for small needles. The smaller sizes are an alternative for ophthalmic needleholders. Castroviejo Corneal Scissors Cof 115mm Long Castroviejo Corneal Scissors Str 115mm Long £128.75 £128.75 Iris Scissors RYDER 606340 606305 606345 606350 Ryder (Micro) T.C. Jaws 12.5cm 5” Ryder (Micro) 15cm 6” Ryder (Micro) T.C. Jaws 15cm 6” Ryder (Micro) T.C. Jaws 18cm 7” £100.00 £97.85 £105.58 £108.15 Derf Needle Holder A useful general purpose Ophthalmic Scissor. Lightweight, standard action scissor for conjunctiva and, less satisfactorily, the cornea.Very rarely used on the iris in veterinary ophthalmology. IRIS 744100 744120 744110 744130 744131 The Derf Needleholder is a small T.C. needleholder with slightly heavier jaws than the Ryder. More resistant to surgeon abuse! Derf Needleholder T.C. Jaws 12cm £21.12 £23.69 £21.12 £23.69 £39.66 Strabismus Scissors DERF NEEDLE HOLDER 607010 Iris Scissors Str 9cm Iris Scissors Cof 9cm Iris Scissors Str 11cm Iris Scissors Cof 11cm Iris Scissors Tungsten Carbide Str 11cm £90.00 Robert’s Tying Forceps Stronger than corneal and conjunctival scissors, strabismus scissors are suitable for cutting muscles and skin. Used in conjunction with the Needleholders to tie knots in fine materials. STRABISMUS SCISSORS ROBERT’S TYING FORCEPS 014132 Robert’s Tying Forceps 100mm Long 746900 747010 746910 747020 £56.50 Scissors Strabismus Scisso rs Str 9cm Strabismus Scissors Cof 9cm Strabismus Scissors Str 11cm Strabismus Scissors Cof 11cm £24.72 £24.72 £26.78 £26.78 Steven’s Tenotomy Scissors Pooley’s Conjunctival Scissors STEVEN’S TENOTOMY SCISSORS POOLEY’S CONJUNCTIVAL SCISSORS 746350 Pooley’s Conjunctival Scissors 85mm Long 014108 014108CV £45.84 267 Steven’s Tenotomy Scissors Straight 110mm Long Steven’s Tenotomy Scissors Curved 110mm Long £31.42 £42.75