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15 Ophthalmic 11 Dental Equipment Surgery && Instrumentation Diagnostics www.vetinst.com Fixation Forceps Needleholders Barraquers Fixation Forceps Castroviejo BARRAQUERS FIXATION FORCEPS 014201 Barraquers Fixation Forceps 105mm Long £99.50 Graefe Fixation Forceps Classic ophthalamic needleholder with catch. Infrequent ophthalmic surgeons should also consider Miniature Fosters or Ryders as the squeeze action of Castroviejos requires patience & practice to master. Also available without catch. GRAEFE FIXATION FORCEPS 014162 Graefe Fixation Forceps 3.5mm Jaws 105mm Long CASTROVIEJO £99.50 014175 014177 014179 014178 Capsule Forceps Arruga Capsule Forceps Castroviejo Needleholders with Catch T.C. 150mm Castroviejo Needleholders without catch T.C. 150mm Castroviejo Needleholders with Catch T.C. 165mm Castroviejo Needleholderswith Catch T.C. 180mm £125.00 £125.00 £128.75 £125.00 Castroviejo Needleholders/ Scissor ARRUGA CAPSULE FORCEPS 014150 Arruga Capsule Forceps 100mm Long £99.50 Castroviejo’s Cross Action Forceps This Instrument functions as a standard Castroviejo needleholder but the jaws incorporate a suture cutting function in the style of Olsen Hegars or Gillies. Jaws are Tungsten Carbide for maximum grip. CASTROVIEJO’S CROSS ACTION 014155 Castroviejo’s Aross Action Capsule Forceps 105mm Long £165.00 CASTROVIEJO NEEDLEHOLDERS/ SCISSOR Cilia Forceps 014181 014182 014183 014184 Bennet’s Cilia Forceps Castroviejo Needleholders/ Scissor Str T.C. 150mm £130.00 Castroviejo Needleholders/ Scissor Cof T.C.150mm Cof £130.00 Castroviejo Needleholders/ Scissor Str ‘S’Cut T.C. 150mm £135.00 Castroviejo Needleholders/ Scissor Cof ‘S’Cut T.C. 150mm £135.00 Miniature Foster Gillies Favoured by some surgeons the circular tips give good focal grip of individual cilia. BENNET’S CILIA FORCEPS 342460 Bennets Cilia Forceps 80mm Long £66.50 Epilation Forceps MINIATURE FOSTER GILLIES EPILATION FORCEPS 342450 Epilation Forceps Square Jaws Plain 9cm 3.5” 602710 £33.50 266 Miniature Foster Gillies T.C. 100mm 4” £115.00