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Dental Ophthalmic Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation & Diagnostics 11 15 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Eyelid - Speculae Desmarres Eyelid Retractor Established in 1775 Dixey is one of the oldest companies in the world specialising in the manufacture and servicing of ophthalmic instruments. DESMARRES EYELID RETRACTOR 014215-S 014215-M 014215-L £66.50 £66.50 £66.50 Small 12mm Wide 140mm Medium 14mm Wide 140mm Large 16mm Wide 140mm Veterinary Instrumentation is pleased to have been appointed Dixey’s UK Veterinary Distributor. Our ophthalmic section includes a small selection of instruments selected with the practioner in mind. Those surgeons with a particular interest in opthalmology should request a copy of the Dixey catalogue which illustrates thousands of instruments dedicated to surgery of the eye. All are manuf actured in Europe and conform to international standards. Lister Speculum Dixey’s craftsmen have accumulated generations of expertise and can repair your worn or damaged instruments. Corneal Forceps This Speculum is adjustable and has a locking facility. The shape is contoured for minimum interference with sutures and instruments. St. Martin Dissecting Forceps LISTER SPECULUM 014115 Lister Speculum 40mm Gape 80mm Length £105.00 Barraquer Speculum A very fine rat tooth for delicate procedures including corneal surgery. ST. MARTIN DISSECTING FORCEPS 014160 St. Martin Dissecting Forceps Teeth 90mm 3.25” £54.50 Castroviejo’s Corneal Forceps This simple Spring Loaded Speculum is ideal for most procedures which do not require a locking speculum. No protuberances to catch sutures. CASTROVIEJO’S CORNEAL FORCEPS BARRAQUER SPECULUM 014110 014112 Barraquer Speculum Large 30mm Gape 10mm ‘Blade’ Barraquer Speculum Small 25mm Gape 5mm ‘Blade’ 014190 £24.50 £24.50 Castroviejo’s Corneal Forceps 105mm Long £99.50 Colibri (Barraquers) Forceps Jaeger Eyelid Speculum This is the most well known of Corneal Toothed Forcep. There are many variations. This is the most typical. COLIBRI (BARRAQUERS) FORCEPS 014191 Colibri (Barraquers) Forceps 75mm Long £99.50 Iris Forceps Graefe Iris Forceps Useful during wedge resections of eyelids Speculum stretches and retains the eyelid prior to cutting The blade cuts down onto the metal of the speculum which protects the eye. JAEGER EYELID SPECULUM 014120 014121 Jaeger Eyelid Speculum (Stainless) 100mm Jaeger Eyelid Speculum Insulated 110mm GRAEFE IRIS FORCEPS £41.50 £46.50 014195 014196 265 Graefe Iris Forcep Serrated 105mm Long Graefe Iris Forceps Straight 1/2 teeth 105mm Long £54.50 £54.50