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15 Head 10 Dental&Equipment Neck Surgery & Instrumentation Bulla Osteotomy & Total Ear Canal Ablation www.vetinst.com Bulla Osteotomy Rongeurs Bulla osteotomy is greatly facilitated by specialised instruments. A rongeur is more effective than a curette. In addition a Penrose Drain may be neccessary. Consider 3mm Smith Kerrison Spine Punch Forceps or modular TECA Kerrison. Access the bulla using I/M pin or trephine. Langenbeck The sclerotic bone around the auditory meatus of the diseased ear is some of the hardest found in the body. Total ear canal ablation (TECA) requires that the rim of the meatus is nibbled away to ensure that all skin is removed. The Bulla Rongeurs have a small bite (3mm) but are relatively heavy in construction. The compound action allows the appropriate force to be applied without undue effort on the part of the surgeon. LANGENBECK 684375 684395 684380 684390 684385 Langenbeck Retractor 6mm Blade 215mm Langenbeck Long Reach 6mm x 35mm Blade 215mm Langenbeck Retractor 13mm Blade 215mm Langenbeck Retractor 20mm Blade 215mm Langenbeck Retractor 25mm Blade 215mm BULLA OSTEOTOMY RONGEURS £48.93 £54.08 £51.50 £54.08 £54.08 142280 Bulla Osteotomy Rongeurs 8” 200mm Long £231.75 Lempert Straight Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor LEMPERT STRAIGHT 6730/10 Lempert Rongeurs Straight 3mm Bite 190mm Long £102.49 GELPI SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR 001330 Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor 180mm 120mm Spread (a=20mm) DeBakey - Atraumatic £175.10 Volkman/ Brun DEBAKEY - ATRAUMATIC 342005 VOLKMAN 782200 782205 782210 782220 Volkman Single Ended Curette 4mm 170mm Long Volkman Single Ended Curette 3mm 170mm Long Volkman Single Ended Curette 5mm 170mm Long Volkman Single Ended Curette 6mm 170mm Long DeBakey Dissecting Forceps 6” £47.38 Penrose Drains £45.84 £45.84 £45.84 £45.84 Latex rubber. Use to maintain drainage from infected wounds. Also useful to retract soft tissues such as blood vessels and nerves. PENROSE DRAINS 090168 090165 262 Penrose Drain 1/4” 40cm 16” Long Sterile Penrose Drain 1/2” 40cm 16” Long Sterile £4.59 £4.59